we're back

I know, it's been 45 days since our last update. I apologize for that. The thing is that I'm rethinking lots of things around here. The first change you'll notice: the use of capital letters... yes, suddenly it became important to use it (don't ask me why).
Another idea is to add contributors: people that share the same passion for indiepop, obscure artists, interesting acts, cool ideas being developed in terms of multimedia using music as its primary form of expression... people that in some way identify with what I do around here and feel like contributing. By doing so, I think the blog will have:
a. more frequency when it comes to updates
b. different point of views and a wider range of artists from different backgrounds

If in any way you feel like being part of the chaotisch und charmant gang, send me an email  (this email is also listed at the 'about me' section right here, on the right column) and  tell me a little about yourself, about the music your into and well, anything you feel like saying that you think it's important to know about you. I'm also contacting a few people that I think could add something... people that I got to know through the blog and/or other virtual places.

Well, that's it for now. Soon to come: interviews and reviews from artists that I should have talked about some time ago (sorry guys, you'll be here soon!) and of course, our best of the year lists...

Thank you!