the chaotisch days #7. full of motion

We can see the center (that is motionless). And we can see the world (various and full of motion).

Download the file or listen here:

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Way Yes site
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INTERVIEW 71 Oscar Fernandez (Discos de Kirlian)

Named after the iconic Aventuras de Kirlian, a band that is among the pantheon of influential artists from the spanish indie scene, Discos de Kirlian is an independent label based in Barcelona.
Oscar started the label in 2011 with the objective of releasing 7'' for less than 5 euros.
Two years and a few releases later,  what we have is an interesting collection building up with artists from the diverse and effervescent spanish scene (plus a lovely re-issue of Armistice's debut EP).

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The origins, aesthetics, logistics and what the future holds for Discos de Kirlian follows below.

tillsammans sessions

For the past 2 summers, Jonas Börjesson showed us the Swedish summer along with beautiful live
performances by Swedish indie artists. The Pool Sessions was a collection of videos featuring artists playing by a swimming pool (sometimes inside it) in Halmstad. A simple and beautiful idea. On its second season,  the sessions went from the backyard to beaches and fields of the Halland province.
Now Jonas is back with a new concept for the sessions. It's called Tilllsammans Sessions and as he explains:
"'s a combined concert/session-project, which means that the artist will do a live recorded session and a gig at the same place at the same day.
The whole thing is taking place in a restaurant in Halmstad, Sweden named "Tillsammans" (means 'Together' in english)."

The sessions will run for 10 weeks (every Wednesday) and starts on 5th, June (next week). Bands playing include: Alpaca Sports, Death in the Afternoon, The Naima Train and Mire Kay.


I decided along with Billy Nilsson (also from Pool Sessions) early this year, that we would try to do a project that does not involve so many people. We wanted to make it as simple as possible, and therefore we will record our sessions with only one camera and use microphones that record the sound directly into your iPhone.
It's hard work to arrange 10 concerts and also record sessions with every band, but Billy and I are really close friends and think alike and we're loving every second of this project. We think it's a good way to expand the whole session-thing, that we also can offer concerts for our audience.
"Tillsammans Sessions" really is my dream project at the moment. I can book the artist I like, I get the chance to know the band and also do a 'summery' video for them. And the place is nice, located by the water in the middle of Halmstad where all the cool kids hang out, and the girls who run the restaurant are the best people in town! And the best of all - everything is happening outside in the summer sun in Sweden!
Billy and I are doing everything together, and when we record the sessions I'm holding the camera and Billy is recording all the audio. The layup of the project is that the artist comes to "Tillsammans" in the middle of the day, we record a session on a pier or somewhere near the water. After that we just hang out together, taking a beer in the sun and doing a soundcheck. And 9 o'clock in the evening the band is playing a concert in front of an audience. The concert is completely free and there's no age-limit. Could it be better? I'm really excited, and I hope many of you will be able to get there any Wednesday this summer!
"Pool Sessions" will never die for me, and I think the rest of the team feels the same. I really, really love that project, but it's hard to get it all together, we are after all six people involved who have other jobs and commitments in our lives. 
Like I said before, Pool Sessions will never die. We just have to develop that project into something new and exciting. I've been thinking about "Pool Sessions LIVE" with artist playing live for audience near a swimming pool, like a small music festival. Or why not take a trip to Spain and record some session there?

(Jonas and Billy send love)

INTERVIEW 70 jeremy jensen (the very most)

photos by MaryAnne Remer
For over 10 years now, Jeremy's The Very Most has been making pure, uplifting, simple and heartfelt indiepop.
Known as "the only indiepop band in Idaho" (which sounds pretty awesome because we rarely see "indiepop" and "Idaho" in the same sentence and because Idaho seems to be a pretty magical place), TVM crafts heartwarming melodies straight from a shed turned into studio.
With a playful way and with a diverse aesthetic - part melancholy, part shooting-smiles-at-sunshines - TVM is captivating and irresistible. The purest indiepop.

Do explore their discography, in case you haven't yet. Lots of EPs and two albums that are brilliant (A Year With The Very Most contains 4 songs for each season and 2 of my all time favorites 'The Motor-VU Lights' and 'You're In Love With The Sun').

Also, their new EP Just A Pup, will be out via Manic Pop! on June, 14th. Here's a sample featuring The School's Liz Hunt.

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My interview with Jeremy is below, he answered the questions before a concert from Yo La Tengo. 

where we come from


Little is known about Hungary indiepop scene. As far as I know, Evil Men Have No Songs is the only one I know.
I got to know this one-man-dreamy-bedroom-project during the days when Holiday and Beko DSL released a single every Friday and Monday respectively... or vice versa.
Back then, a guitar driven song called 'No You No Me' got me instantly.
His 3rd EP - Always Somewhere Else - comes out with less frenetic (and distorted) guitars but richer in melody and texture. 
The hook in the title track is quite addictive. 

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INTERVIEW 69. jessica weiss (fear of men)

photo by Jacob Lillis
Fear Of Men is a 4 piece from Brighton (UK).
Combining a unique aesthetic where art meets philosophy, their straightforward guitar pop dwells mostly with a somber look on love, the contradictions of being and living without falling into a Joy-Division-or-Morrissey-esque cliché. Their explorations sound fresh and  spontaneous.
It's "Existentialist pop". Somber, sinister and "human, all too human" with an unrequited sense for catchy, blissful melodies and odd, decaying and foggy imagery.
Their debut album/compilation Early Fragments is available via Kanine Records.

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panduh party!


Plain and simple (and once again): I don't get the fact that The Panduhs aren't indie darlings throughout the world (and other planets)...
Coming from Modesto (California), their sound has a straight forward, vibrant feeling. A combination of punk and twee playfulness covered in sugar. The kind of music that makes impossible to just listen: you have to clap along, hum along, jump along and twist around.
Seriously, check this guys out! It's the kind of simple, effortless and fun loving music that can change your mood and day. Oh, and catchy as hell!

Last Wednesday, 'Love Her More' - the opening track from their latest EP- got a video. With a charming, low budget and amateur aesthetic, the video follows the fun path that their music transpire.
A Chroma-key, watercolor sets, glitter, girls and drag queens extravaganza.

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INTERVIEW 68. thomas mendelovits (milk teddy)

(All photos by Carbie Warbie)

To start talking about Milk Teddy, we have to mention their debut album Zingers, released last year.
Zinger - I've learned recently - means, "a sudden shock, revelation, or turn of events". A very fitting name when applied to Milk Teddy's music.
This album was #11 on my list for best albums of 2012... but if the list had to be made today, it'd rank way, way higher. When I discovered them I thought "Wow, this is good!" but a month ago I started listening to the whole album again and it was, indeed, a revelation. A superb, warm and vivid revelation.

This 5 friends from Melbourne (Australia) make pure guitar psych pop (what is it with Australia and its insanely good number of artists playing around with psychedelia?) combined with walls of sound, reverberations and delays. But there's something special about their melodies: something that I should be able to describe - since I have a music blog. But there are cases when you simply feel and can't quite put into words what is the experience to listen to certain groups or songs. That's the case of Milk Teddy.
While you keep reading, listen to the opening and title track of the album Zingers below... you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Ok, continuing...
Maybe the difficulty to describe Milk Teddy's music comes from the the abundance of genres in the fabric of their melodies - that goes from psychedelic vibes to punk, synthpop and 60s pop - and the way they're arranged to create something effortless, catchy and breezy. Wrapping all together, is Thomas' soothing and emotional interpretation of lyrics that - as their sound - aren't answers but clues, pieces of a bigger picture that we slowly unveil.

Music to discover. Rediscover. Carry along. And feel it.

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Now we get into a train in Melbourne to talk with Thomas... origins, processes, seriousness of creating music and experimentations are some of the topics.

mnemonic syncretism


Here's some sweet noise from the south. And by south I mean the deep, antarctic south of Brazil. A place close to the end of the American continent.
Mnemonic Syncretism is the second album from The Sorry Shop, a band from Rio Grande do Sul (my home state), Brazil, fronted (and produced) by Régis Garcia. It arrives as sonic and distorted as their debut Bloody, Fuzzy, Cozy from last year…
But in this second album, there's an ambient, more melodic and profound feeling that I really, really enjoy, channeling a combination between My Bloody Valentine's experimental fuzziness and Slowdive's contemplative walls of sound with a lo-fi, angry-dreampop aesthetic.

Soundtrack for urban, grey jungles. Or polar expeditions.

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i thought you were my friend


Henric Wallmark's musical vehicle Ghost Lake is back with its 2nd EP featuring 3 new songs and 2 versions by guests Marcus Kimaro and J.O. Hansson.
The fun and playful manners are there in the title track 'I Thought You Were my Friend'. It channels the best moments of the warmest melodies from Suburban Kids With Biblical Names and works as a reminder that Ghost Lake is the project of the mind behind one of the catchiest indie pop makers Sweden's gave to the world - Heart-Sick Groans.
The songs 'Why I Don't' Like Clean-Up' and 'If I Did It, It Must Be Right' are endearing, heartfelt and soothing in their simplicity and atmosphere. Indie pop lullabies, if you will. These two songs appear twice: performed by Ghost Lake and versions by guests Marcus Kimaro and J.O. Hansson.

With Ghost Lake, Wallmark goes deep and wanders through a path where acoustic and electronics walk side by side - probably silently holding hands - surrounded by minimalistic trees, desert surroundings and contemplative, organic feelings. What matters, after all, is how we translate life and reality on the inside.

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INTERVIEW 67. beach vacation

DIY escapism made in a small town located on Whidbey Island, Washington. That's Beach Vacation.
Their first EP, Maritime - released last Monday via Dufflecoat Records - is the debut EP that Captured Tracks will never release. It is such an exciting introductory piece! It's on the edge of surf and jangle pop with a very unique and fresh appeal.
With the opening track 'Waves', we dive into their melodies with the sound of the ocean, seagulls and a crystalline guitar strumming. Compared to the other tracks, it sounds quite conceptualized and contemplative, but it works perfectly preparing us for the what's next.
For the rest of the EP, we get a sound that's warm and with rich textures.
'Washington Weather' and 'Escape' are simply beautiful. Joyous in their melancholic yearning.
I like how you're are able to dive into their melodies and actually feel a breeze and really escape. Even though the EP has less than 10 minutes.
Fantastic release from an exciting new band.

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Read my interview with Tabor, Tyler, John and Justyn below.

INTERVIEW 66. Vinnie Kircher (Jaill)

Anthropological pop. Is that a musical genre? Do you know any band that could fit right into it? If not, I suggest you take a listen - in case you haven't yet - to Jaill.
A band from Milwaukee (Wisconsin, USA) that has been around since 2002, presenting an in depth view from the hipster-ish underground world in form of jangly pop with 90s garage rock guitars with a flair for "jump around" melodies.
With 'Traps' - their most recent album (their 3rd LP) - released via Sub Pop last year, we find their sound wandering through melodies embed in some psychedelia and an appealing (and often heartbreaking) laid back atmosphere.

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After the jump, you can get an insight of Jaill's universe with the fun answers Vinnie gave to my questions. We talked about Jaill's origins, inspirations, music evolution, SXSW, Jaill's songs in Arnold Schwarzenegger's movies and their anthropologic party music.

INTERVIEW 65. patrick mcintyre (HOUNDSds)

Music often invokes journey. In HOUNDSds case, the opposite is also true.

HOUNDSds music sounds vintage, futuristic, organic and incredibly warm.
With dreamy melodies, Patrick McIntyre - the Brooklyn based multi-instrumentalist behind the project - creates songs with subtle references from the past 40 years: there's 60s pop, 70s psychedelia, 80s new-post-punk-wave and 90s jangle pop...
But don't get me wrong. It isn't just a look at the past. And that's exactly why his music deserves our attention. Patrick manages to own his references while looking ahead (and probably to the sky, due to the light, dreamy and effortless aesthetic of his songs).

Phone Thou (2012, Chill Mega Chill) is his third release: a soothing and original collection of 7 songs that moves away from the experimental and electronic vibe from his previous releases.

facebook     bandcamp     twitter     soundcloud

Our interview with origins of the project's odd name, aesthetics, music nowadays and future plans is right after this...

the chaotisch days #6. vast and wild

Download the file or listen here:

In the beginning, it was vast and wild. It was the promise of an entire summer.

• Barnabys from Philadelphia and their incredible, vibrant guitars. 'Global Teen' is part of the EP Delightful Browns, released in 1992 via spinART.
• French Films, from Finland,  just released White Orchid (2013) , their second album and it is gooooood. Out via GAEA Records.
• Daniel Johnston and Yo La Tengo with an awesome version of Johnston's 'Speeding Motorcycle', released as a single in 1990.
• Gentlemen Marry Brunettes is a dreampop group from the Philipines. Their music is inspired by "airline crashes and space poetry".
• Möscow Çlub is a band from Japan. 'Bikinikill' is a lovely piece of summery guitar indiepop with reverbed vocals.
• Holiday is a band formed in Yale and active between 1992-1997. 'Candy' is part of Cafe Reggio (1997), released via spinART and Siesta Records.
• Tullycraft's back after 5 years. New album out via FortunaPOP!
• Adam and Darcie's version of The Very Most is part of an EP released via Village Collective (formed also by Canoe and The Very Most). Recently, I wrote about these release. Check the blog.
• Archaster is an artists from Valenzuela City, Philipines. 'Kissing Ballade' could've been recorded by Stephin Merritt.
• Northern Portrait's 'Happy Nice Day' is part of their EP Pretty Decent Swimmers (2013), out via Matinée Records.
• Fear Of Men is definitely one of the most hyped independent bands from 2013. 'Born' is part of their compilation/album Early Fragments.
•Velcro is from Melbourne, Australia. A mystery, actually.
•La Ola Que Quería Ser Chau is a band from Argentina. Fun, bright and loud indiepop.
• The Sweets' dreamy psychedelia is part of a free download, out via Bleeding Gold Records.
• The Snowdrops is a group (supergroup, an indiepop kid could say) formed by members of Lovejoy and Blueboy with Pam Berry (The Pines, The Shapiros, Black Tambourine and many other groups).

INTERVIEW 64. nicola lampredi (brothers in law)

It's not hard to see how this three boys from Pesaro (a city located in the already famous east "indie" coast of Italy) are committed to music: their aesthetic is an ode to the music they love - think c86, early The Mary Onettes, dreampop, jangly guitars and surf music filled with sand - and there's a genuine feeling of amazement when they look at their short career and how much has happened since the beginning (from playing with bands like Dum Dum Girls, Wild Nothing and Still Corners to flying to the US and playing at SXSW a few weeks ago).
Last January - following the release of an EP and single - We Were Never Being Boring released their debut album Hard Time For Dreamers. A collection of energetic and dreamy songs that feed hearts aching for some jumping around and at the same time satisfy any desire for melancholy, darkness and contemplation.

Shortly after arriving back home from SXSW, Nicola answered some questions. You can read it below.

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INTERVIEW 63. masami tsuchiya (wallflower)

There's a group of artists in the roots of indie music, that decided to make music because they wanted to sound like their favorite band.
While some may see their sound as a simple copy or homage, I tend to approach this issue a bit differently.
I'm constantly talking about "universes" here. And the bands that I tend to fall for, usually are successful - at least in my subjective eyes - in creating this "musical zone" that is theirs.
If every person is different and everyone has an unique reality, is not stupid to think that what may sound similar actually holds an aesthetic that came from one mind in a particular environment that has no parallels with anything else. That's where you'll find the value of creation. And this may seem naive but, the simple fact of getting in touch with someone's creation is already a valid and worthwhile experience. Specially if that creation sounds good as hell and is catchy as a bubblegum stuck under your shoes.
This introduction leads us to Wallflower: a 4-piece band from Osaka, Japan creating catchy tunes and following the paths of The Field Mice, Brighter and  - the most direct and obvious comparison - The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.
Wallflower's music takes me back to early TPOBPAH music - remember 'Orchard Of My Eye'? - and its naivety.
While the shadow of TPOBPAH is always there, Matsumi, Ryuka, Haruyo and Naohiro own their haven of noise and delicacy with jangly guitars, soft vocals and indie beauty.
Either way, never let comparisons lead you to rushed conclusions. Awesome, catchy music will always be welcomed and praised.

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After the jump, you'll find Masami's interview.

INTERVIEW 62. nate martinez (thieving irons)

Thieving Irons is the project of Nate Martinez, based in Brooklyn (NYC), and started after his former band Pela broke up.
His first album - The Midnight Hum - was released in 2010 and last year Behold, This Dreamer! came out.
His music has an atmospheric, idyllic quality that could fit on a journey at the sea or a walk through uncharted territories. It's organic like a
waveless ocean that reminds us of its force through grandiosity and subtle movements, not intensity.
With a delicate approach to melody and an almost solemn songwriting, Behold, This Dreamer! takes its time to tell us a story (the one about the journey).
It echoes, it shimmers and transforms itself. Always connected to an aesthetic of dreamy imagery and storytelling, foggy atmosphere and slow burning sentiments.

Behold, This Dreamer! is not only one of the greatest albums I've heard last year: the closing track "Swimming With Minnows" is one of those gems... A finding or revelation, in the middle of your journey, if you will. It has a restraint, quiet and atmospheric feeling with amazing lines - "The silence is the loudest in my head since last May" and "Can I spend time to watch? Can I spend time to drown?" -  that every now and then pop into my head.

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Below is my interview with Nate. Inspirations, music in physical forms and a look inside his "subterranean cave"/studio after the jump.

village green


Here's a pretty concept executed by pretty indie bands that are part of an even prettier group that goes by the name Village Ten.
In their own words...

"Village Ten Collective is an artists collective. Village because we dig villages, Ten because we started with ten people, and Collective because “Super-Friends” didn’t fit in the logo.We are not a record label, but neither are we independent artists – we fit somewhere in between, nicely cradled in that grey area, a place where we have some of our needs met that a label provides while maintaining the flexibility and freedom of being independent. Our dear friend Ashley Mae said it best, “The collective is a grassroots operation to create and promote good music which inspires us to love our own human story.”"

The artists populating Village Ten are The Very Most, Canoe and Adam and Darcie. All wandering through sweet melodies of indiepop. With Village Green, a 6 track EP released early this week, their "super-friends" status creates new bonds that words cannot express (they are kind enough to share it with us, listeners). With each band covering two songs from the other two groups, what we end up getting sounds like a testament, a reassuring feeling of love, familiarity and appreciation.

Beautiful, smelling like leaves and nature, fresh and profound. The ending track, You're In Love With The Sun - originally by The Very Most and here performed by Adam and Darcie - is a tearjerker in its simplicity, minimalism and honesty. Again, a testament.
A special release put together by - no doubt - special people, that goes way beyond the idea of "covering someone else's music". It's true friendship proved by and in form of music.

village ten     bandcamp

INTERVIEW 61. Lisle Mitnik (Fireflies)

Lisle lives in Chicago. He makes music in his home and has a few different projects. Holding them all together, there's a delicate and fragile sense of melody with roots in classical music and dreams of being part of The Beatles.

Throughout the years - wether as Fireflies, Very Truly Yours (where he plays guitars), Tiny Fireflies (a duo with Kristine, also from Very Truly Yours), or Edine Avec Lisle Mitnik Et Son Orchestre (with Edine from The Marshmallow Kisses) - Lisle's been crafting melancholic gems that are a hybrid of infectious, addictive indiepop with the prettiest - sometimes guitar, sometimes mellotron, sometimes piano - strums, a DIY aesthetic resembling lo fi acts from the 80s and an imagery field with hopeless love and winter scenarios.
All in all, his music is a celebration of beauty in a world where classical music goes very well with indie pop guitars and winter wonderlands.

Below you'll be able to go even deeper into Lisle's world and aesthetic. Get a cup of coffee or tea, put on your headphones and just let Fireflies music be your companion as you read his words.

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TEAR TALK BREATHE bleeding gold records 2013

Tear Talk's debut EP Port Sunlight (2012), was a tribute to melancholy, sound textures and gloomy - but also sunny - days. A whole universe presented in 6 songs, created by guys that a year before the release of the EP, didn't know how to play their instruments.
Music, indeed, comes from within...
A year has passed since their debut. It got raving reviews, passionate followers and was called the best EP of 2012 by this humble blogger.

Now they're back with B R E A T H E, a 7'' featuring 3 songs also released via Bleeding Gold Records.
Their already signature melancholic, texturized sound gains more depth and goes darker. While 'Port Sunlight' features a Galaxie-500-meets-the-C86-movement kind of sound, B R E A T H E comes with a darker take on post punk-ish melancholy. The songs take their time to build up and create a feeling that reminded me of the expression "the calm before the storm" (the restraint, almost spoken vocals help to build the mood).
At the end of the hypnotic 5 minutes of 'Parallel', it's impossible not to think that there's this band making music for a couple of years, with 2 very distinctive releases - one made for sunny winters and the other for apocalyptic nights. I was curious to hear what would come after 'Port Sunlight': would it be more of the (beautiful) same? What I got was a sense of movement and cinematic expansion.
As I said before, Tear Talk's universe is a cohesive collection of brights and darks, feelings and cold hearts painted with talent, distorted guitars and a sense of direction.

Worth of mention:  the amazing cut out artwork and colored vinyl. If good music wasn't enough, beautifully made vinyls and artworks are also a signature of Bleeding Gold releases.

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the chaotisch days. 5

Today is this little boy's birthday.
He turned 29 today.
He runs this blog and wants to share 29 songs with you.



Heartfelt progressive pop psychedelia. Or as the band defines it: augmented pop. From Melbourne, Australia.

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INTERVIEW 60. the arctic flow

Making music is - among other things - an act of honesty. And while the concept is highly subjective, sometimes we run into artists that exude this concept by creating utterly personal universes. For some people (I include myself in this group) that's where they find truly musical gems.
That's the case of The Arctic Flow, a project created by Brian Hancheck from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
Brian's music is his way of express his melancholy through dreamy pop hooks and shoegaze, ethereal landscapes. A place of his own that we are fortunate enough to be able to experience.
The Arctic Flow has several releases since its beginning in 2008 in labels like Holiday Records, Bubbletone Discos, Beko DSL and more recently Dufflecoat Records. You can check and get them all at his bandcamp page.
Long live the sensitive ones.

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Here's our interview.


Following our belated look at 2012, today we share our favorite singles and EPs released last year. Lots of independent artists and breakthrough artists.
(also: a classy, affecting and gorgeous year for EPs released via Bleeding Gold Records).

25 MALES MalesMalesMales independent
24 SEABRIGHT Children Of The Sun independent
23 PRAYTHING Her Skin Caught the Glow independent
22 PINEBOCKS Love Is... independent
21 LEMUR S/T EP independent
20 SAMBASSADEUR Memories / Hours Away labrador records
19 TRIPTIDES Couch Surfer independent
18 OLD MAN WINTHER Bedroom Country Vol 3 independent
17 LA ESTRELLA DE DAVID Jupiter independent
16 HEHFU Come Home EP independent
15 BENTEVEO Super Tranqui fuego amigo discos
14 THE OCEAN PARTY In A Knot sound of melbourne records
13 FOSSIL COLLECTIVE Let It Go dirty hit records
12 CIVIL LOVE S/T EP independent
11 GENERATIONALS Lucky Numbers independent
10 FAMILY OF THE YEAR Diversity nettwerk records
09 SONGS FOR WALTER Meet Me At The Empire bleeding gold records
08 THE HOLIDAY CROWD Over The Bluffs shelflife records
07 THE PANDUHS Panduh Party! beephop records
06 THE VERY MOST Ununiversilazible Us little treasure records
05 INDOOR VOICES So Smart bleeding gold records
04 SEAFOAM S/T EP lo-rise recordings
03 MADRAS thingscanchange independent
02 FIELD TRIP Cream EP independent
01 TEAR TALK Port Sunlight bleeding gold records


Ok. I know it's a little late, everyone must've forgotten 2012 by now, but here's my list of best albums of 2012.

2012. ALBUMS
50 ANTIBODIES Birthmark polyvinyl
49 GRIMES Visions arbutus / 4ad
48 THE STATE BROADCASTERS Ghost We Must Carry olive grove records
47 SO MANY WIZARDS Warm Nothing french kiss
46 JACK WHITE Blunderbuss third man records
45 THE DANDELION WAR We Were Always Loyal To Lost Causes deep elm records
44 THE SCHOOL Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything elefant records
43 M. WARD A Wasteland Companion merge records
42 POOR MOON S/T sub pop records
41 ONE TWO THREE CHEERS AND A TIGER A Lot of Talk wohnzimmer records
40 THE SORRY SHOP Bloody, Fuzzy, Cozy independent
39 TEMPLETON El Murmullo independent
38 EARLIMART System Preferences the ship records
37 DAN ROMER & BENH ZEITLIN Beasts Of The Southern Wild OST thirty3 and a 3rd records
36 SLEEPY SUN Spine Hits the end records
35 TIGER IN TRAINS Foundry independent
34 MOTORAMA Calendar talitres records
33 NETHERFRIENDS Middle America kilo records
32 SEAMUS FOGARTY God Damn You Mountain fence records
31 TWIN CABINS I'm Sure independent
30 THE LUYAS Animator dead oceans
29 EZRA FURMAN The Year Of No Returning kinetic family records
28 HIGH SAFARI Skylight special blend records
27 DELAY TREES Doze soliti records
26 HOLOGRAMS S/T captured tracks
25 JAILL Traps sub pop
24 VIOLENS True slumberland records
23 TENDER TRAP Ten Songs About Girls fortuna pop!
22 SILENT WHYS Our Rook independent
21 TANLINES Mixed Emotions true panther sounds
20 THE RAVEONETTES Observator vice records
19 THE WAKE A Light Far Out ltm records
18 SAN CISCO S/T fat possum
17 HOLIDAYS Young Love keep it yours records
16 LIGHTSHIPS Electric Cables domino records
15 ECHO LAKE Wild Peace slumberland records
14 HOUNDSDS Phone Thou chill mega chill records
13 THIEVING IRONS Behold, This Dreamer! independent
12 TWO WOUNDED BIRDS S/T holiday friends 
11 MILK TEDDY Zingers the lost and lonesome recording co.
10 ORCA TEAM Restraint happy happy birthday to me records
09 LA BIEN QUERIDA Ceremonia elefant records
08 OPOSSOM Electric Hawaii fire records
07 JOEL ALME A Tender Trap razzia
06 ADVANCE BASE A Shut-In's Prayer caldo verde
05 THE DEDDINGTONS S/T cloudberry records
04 CROCODILES Endless Flowers frenchkiss records
03 CATS ON FIRE All Blackshirts To Me soliti
02 KLAUS & KINSKI Herreros Y Fatigas jabalina musica
01 MY HEART BELONGS TO CECILIA WINTER Midnight Midnight chop records