looking glass

 looking glass ~ the first real target (infinite wisdom, 2010)

'the first real target' is looking glass’ second release and was released yesterday. looking glass is the side project of jim, from my sad captains with andy bell, annie ruddlesden, ed wallis.
their music wanders through the thin line between everyday life and those in transit dreams. walks in autumn-ish forests of brown leaves and foggy parks located in city centers.
it's music  full of timeless images -exactly like dreams- where the time notion isn’t accurate. and it is also real life painted in shades of grey.
looking glass will be the new addition to the playlists of all the musical daydreamers across the globe.

ps: great for walks and bus rides!

watch the video, because it's beautiful!

click on the beautiful artwork above and download 'best foot forward' on their bandcamp.

the way bodies move genuinely to beats is, after all, gorgeous and affecting

how to be alone (a video by andrea dorfman and poet/singer/songwriter, tanya davis)

(won't say anything. the video speaks for itself.)

the good times we shared at the marina

a catalan compilation - the good times we shared at the marina. mixtape #12

spain has – in my opinion – the most exciting music scene nowadays. it has a great sense of originality and freshness that are always welcome when we are talking about forms of expression. in our 12th mixtape, we land on spanish lands, more specifically, catalonia and even more specifically: barcelona (which has been called the brooklyn of europe for its lively and prolific scene).

the artists sing in spanish and catalan and - in common - they have an awesome approach on how to develop music being universal without forgetting hints of regional tradition.

a. some artists are well known for the regulars here. la estrella de david, la bien querida and joe crepúsculo are big favourites here and work a lot among themselves (in fact junco y diamante is a side project from david and joe and the song 'alt penedès' is in collaboration with la bien querida)------------------------------------
b. we tried to keep a balance between different styles. there's contemporary indie pop, indie rock, folk, eletronic, and groups experimenting with music and other forms of expression (like verdcel with their attempt of combining music and other medias, like theatre)... there's also a wide range of singers/songwriters, since the last years were quite prolific and in some way a revival to the golden age of catalan singer/songwriter scene---
c. queta & teo is a rarity. sister and brother singing songs produced by their father during the 60's on the island of mallorca. little is known about them and there's almost no information available. a big thanks for tweeranosaurus for this amazing discovery. ------------------------------------------------------------------

I hope you like it. It was a great experience to create a compilation based on a scene more than in a theme.

01. la estrella de david - tú lo tiene que saber
02. maria coma - gat
03. conxita - al darrera la nevera
04. la brigada - una imatge més
05. la bien querida - actitudes espectrales
06. el fill del mestre - omaita
07. aias - aias
08. whiskyn's - cada cop (sixpence none the richer cover)
09. queta & teo - es martellet
10. gasca - vacaciones
11. junco y diamante - alt penedès
12. sedaiós - els vells
13. oliva trencada - no-ni-nó
14.manel - la en que el bernat se't troba
15. albaialeix - koala
17. cesk freixas - díes i nits d'amor i de guerra
19. joe crepúsculo - canción del adiós
20. verdcel - la costera