oh hey

charlene ~ oh hey (sharkattack! music, 2008)

a band from newton, massachussetts making shoegaze tunes with hints of (beautiful) electronic sounds... all very moody and melodic. this single will definitely be on my mixtape if one day i'll manage to make a trip to space. the mood of the songs makes me think about the black space and slow movements. it would be awesome to dance listening to 'oh hey' without gravity...
oh, and be careful: this song is catchy.

01. oh hey
02. before the comet hits
03. big winds

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music to see. 05

the simple carnival - really really weird
this video was made with a total of $7.25 in materials, though from the way it looks you'd think it cost twice as much!

tiny creatures covers let's get physical

jonathan johansson performs innan vi faller live for the amazing - and already mentioned - psl.

'we thank the lord' each day for the apocalypse

salty pirates ~ 'we thank the lord' each day for the apocalypse (independent, 2004)

another ep with 4-tracks from the halmstad band. on this ep we find what is - in my opinion - their best song and one of those songs that goes with you for the rest of your life.
'my academic beard' is fucking amazing. here's the lyrics (or what i understand of it):

having moved to the big city / and attending the university / i tried to grow me a beard / cause i thought would be cool if i looked academic / but the other they shot me down / at my old high school people played metal fusion jazz / me, i got depressed / that made me wanna smoke too much grass / and now the art students are competing 'bout who is most arty / and all of their hip partys they keep throwing all the time / but you're cool you'll skip school die trying / you say there's nothing nietzsche could teach ya / there's nothing nietzsche could teach ya / you're such a great thing girl...

this ep also features their most popular song 'black minds, white lies'.
also have to mention the pretty good 'i lost my virginity to the voice of per gessle' (the male part of roxette).

01. black minds, white lies
02. the alien invasion
03. i lost my virginity to the voice of per gessle
04. my academic beard


make bombs not popsongs

salty pirates ~ make bombs not pospsongs ( independent, 2003)

a group of friends since high school from halmstad, sweden get together to make catchy-funny pop songs about some subjects that we don't see everyday in a song (seatbelts, per gessle, academy, nietzsche...)
salty pirates stands out for creating tunes like 'you got your seatbelts and cars are so save', a great combination of clever lyrics and a twee-ish feeling.
they've released 4 ep's and a couple of random songs and all were available on their site to download (unfortunately, the site no longer exists).
i could've made a compilation with their songs but i decided to create posts respecting the way the songs were made available on their website. soon, songs like 'let's spread out rumours of our own death' and 'my academic beard' - their best songs and true classics from the "underground pop" - will be available here.

in 2008, salty pirates became the weather in sweden.

01. you got seatbelts and cars are so save
02. something beautiful are ugly
03. fire deathstar, fire
04. all that glitters can be gold (pre-silence)


imac hit parade

everyday sensations ~ imac hit parade (independent, 2005)

yes, i'm totally in love with these two boys so, to finish our 'everyday sensations day' here's a wonderful gift from markus and nicholas... i got all of this songs on their site and just put them together on one folder...
"recorded with a built-in imac microphone between spring and fall 2005. it contains the four songs from 'forget those teardrops'. the rest is unreleased so far. some songs might appear on future records, rerecorded and polished."
pretty pretty songs and awesome covers... all very lo-fi.

01. call it what you want
02. things we never had
03. sheets and blankets
04. helen love
05. eslove
06. things we never had (casio version)
07. trembling hands
08. happy when it rains (the jesus and mary chain cover)
09. i hate that song
10. i can keep a secret but i can't keep you
11. spangle (wedding present cover)
12. it's easier to smile (trembling blue stars cover)
13. same time tomorrow?
14. something more than last time (cellmates & mixtapes cover)
15. when summer falls we'll forget it all

(ps: track 6 - unfortunately - isn't working)


1 step 2 steps / who put the heart in you

everyday sensations ~ 1 step 2 steps/ who put the heart in you ( khutmandoo records, 2009)

the latest release from the stockholm duo is a free double-a side single with two more electronic and upbeat (at least on the melodies) tunes. also another version of the beautiful and sad 'helen love'.

01. 1 step 2 steps
02. who put the heart in you
03. helen love


forget those teardrops

everyday sensations ~ forget those teardrops (my secret garden, 2005)

the first time i heard about this duo i got really intrigued by the name... i thought it was amazingly beautiful... later i discovered that markus and nicholas are from stockholm and that they start as a "crappy imac-lo-fi project" some four years ago.
as intriguing as their name, is their words about the band:
"it all comes down to protection! the brain needs to be able to ignore predictable everyday sensations, so it can be ready for more important ones. imagine if it responded dramatically every time the soles of your feet touched the ground, or you blinked your eyes. instead, it must be ready to react to unexpected, potentially dangerous sensations like, say, a red-back spider crawling down your neck.
but sometimes the system goes haywire... in some cases, when nerves are injured the wires for pain and everyday sensations cross. it can occur after an injury or spontaneously. it occurs in shingle, because the virus that causes the illness, varicella, nests in the nerves. nerves for everyday sensations are co-oped into the pain system, transforming mild sensations, like the brush of a sleeve, into agony."
pure, pure, pure melody. synthpop with guitars (or guitars with synthpop) and an analog feeling.

01. call it what you want
02. things we never had
03. sheets and blankets
04. helen love


calvin johnson

the panduhs ~ calvin johnson ep (pop song romance., 2009)

for the past weeks there's one song that i can't stop singing and i say it'd be annoying if it wasn't such a good song. 'county fair' is part of an ep with other two songs - also very catchy - of this trio from patterson, california.
their signed to pop song romance., a zine/label that "...is more like an ever changing visual document of music and comedy. pop song romance. was born in 2004, it started out as a side project to more important things, and remains that today. it really just came from my love of little indie pop bands that would maybe make one amazing record and break up".
three songs with lovely keyboard melodies, impossible-not-to-dance drum beats and lyrics as catchy as the melodies (neil vento's voice makes you want to sing along too).
fun indiepop with the energy of twee.
ps: calvin johnson is a key person when we talk about the independent music scene. he was founder of bands like beat happening, the go team and the halo benders; also, owns k records.

01. the yeah!
02. calvin jonhson
03. county fair

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swimming pools are not that crowded anymore (mixtape #03)

1. the slowdowns - l'ignorance
2. young michelin - je suis fatigue
3. je t'aime mon amour - happy lovetrain
4. victoria mil - bien equivocado
5. cajón de sastre - hellsse
6. we & lisa - anna
7. envelopes - heaven
8. faunts - feel.love.thinking.of
9. avner - bed for mig
10. winterlish - greifswald
11. afternoon naps - winter olympics (summer version)
12. hey paulette - our immeasurable differences
13. couer de pirate - pour un infidèle
14. cake on cake - kokomo love song
15. cellophane rain - good morning light
16. tellus about the moon - hate
17. huma - waking up
18. sunny summer day - me, myself and the empty soul
19. nils folke valdemar sings - a song you could dance to
20. violeta gómez - vacaciones eternas
21. aitänna77 - la última tormenta de agosto

plagiarism is bad!

reading the awesome blog i guess i'm floating found something that's - at least - sad.
a 'respected' and 'legitimated' magazine using text from a blog without credits? that's a shame...
as written on the blog: a new low.

music to see. 04

i was going to post an album from the danish act oliver north boy choir, but after seeing that it was requested to a few blogs to remove the download link i decided to abort the first idea and make a special video post about the band. apparently they create, direct and edit their own videos.
ps: the band don't exist anymore (sadly...)

holy wars

baby cool


bette davis eyes