imac hit parade

everyday sensations ~ imac hit parade (independent, 2005)

yes, i'm totally in love with these two boys so, to finish our 'everyday sensations day' here's a wonderful gift from markus and nicholas... i got all of this songs on their site and just put them together on one folder...
"recorded with a built-in imac microphone between spring and fall 2005. it contains the four songs from 'forget those teardrops'. the rest is unreleased so far. some songs might appear on future records, rerecorded and polished."
pretty pretty songs and awesome covers... all very lo-fi.

01. call it what you want
02. things we never had
03. sheets and blankets
04. helen love
05. eslove
06. things we never had (casio version)
07. trembling hands
08. happy when it rains (the jesus and mary chain cover)
09. i hate that song
10. i can keep a secret but i can't keep you
11. spangle (wedding present cover)
12. it's easier to smile (trembling blue stars cover)
13. same time tomorrow?
14. something more than last time (cellmates & mixtapes cover)
15. when summer falls we'll forget it all

(ps: track 6 - unfortunately - isn't working)


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