civil love

CIVIL LOVE CIVIL LOVE (Independent, 2012)

Civil Love is a band formed in London by 4 guys coming from different places of the world.
Their music is firmly based on 60's pop with references from the 90's indie bands that made sugary guitar driven pop without being too sweet.
If I had an 'Indiepop Promise' badge, I'd give mine to Civil Love.

Earlier this month, a debut EP was released with 4 songs. You can get it at their bandcamp page.

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INTERVIEW 54. the sorry shop

photo by Thiago Piccoli
The Sorry Shop is a bedroom project created in 2011 by Régis Garcia in Rio Grande, south of Brazil. Combining shoegaze with lo-fi and a bunch of references from the american alternative movement from the 90's filled with reberbs and distorted guitars.
His music is both a look from outside, from the distance but also a heartfelt experimentation that sounds urban and somehow chaotic, just like our modern lives.

Last year, 'Thank You Come Again' - an EP with 5 songs - was released and last month, his debut album - 'Bloody, Cozy, Fuzzy' came out.
Both can be found at Bandcamp for free download.

'About Kings and Queens I' is one of the best songs released last year.

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INTERVIEW 53. doble pletina

photo by Ramiro E
With a song made to close the discotheque, Doble Pletina took Spain by surprise and became one of the main promises of the colorful independent scene of the country.
'Música para cerrar las discotecas' is already a classic, an anthem for indiepop kids and - as spanish indie bible Rockdelux said - "a song to dance with tears in your eyes". With an apocalyptic atmosphere and a calm - yet strong - drumbeat the song goes 'Music to close the discotheque, something to dance if the end is getting close...' and suddenly you're under Doble Pletina's spell.
Mainly an acoustic act, this Barcelona based group delivers mesmerizing indiepop where love and everyday life are sung via a clever, melodical and charming perspective.
Emotional and extremely musical.

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Their first release 'Para que négarlo, si se puedes demonstrar' is available for free download on Bandcamp.

With a mixture of surprise, shock and a certain pride, I present you're next favorite spanish band in their first international interview...