el murmullo

TEMPLETON EL MURMULLO (Independent, 2012)

photo by Marcos Sanchez
A few days ago I ran into Templeton's bandcamp and had the pleasure to listen to their new album entitled El Murmullo (or The Whisper). Templeton is a six piece band from Torrelavega, North of Spain.
This is their second album. In 2009, Exposición Universal was released via Subterfuge Records.
El Murmullo is a 10-track album and couldn't have a better title since - song after song - slow paced gems are delivered with a beautiful and very particular imagery of broken hearts and deceit that is continuously built throughout thoughtful lyrics.
To make this album, the band asked for fans to send them things that they associated with whispers, so they could use them as inspiration. As for the band, whispers are connected with fear.
The highlights of the album are 'Mar Cantábrico' - comparing two individuals where one is the cantabric Sea (cold and acid) and the other being Cote d'Azur ( a natural disaster that still makes the other tremble) is absolutely fantastic.

'Los Días' tells the story of a love taken for granted and has a video featuring two girls (or their memories) involved into a dreamy and full of light atmosphere.
This album is full of pop references - pop from the 60's, spanish indiepop from the 90's, flirtations with electronics used to punctuate the most upbeat song of the album 'Sabe Mejor', somber moments where the fear is almost palpable...

Everything is filled with a delicate and sensitive aesthetic that makes it all kind of irresistible.

Here's a live performance of 'El Caminante' - another favorite of mine - for Esquire Spain.

El Murmullo was released only in vinyl. You can also get the album at their bandcamp page.

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INTERVIEW 52. bad panda records

Our current 'digital age', allowed us to experience  the plurality of different perspectives. And by different perspectives I mean the act of producing cultural content and at the same time consume it, having in mind and at the distance of a mouse click that the other exists and is more real than ever.
More specifically about music, I think net labels and the way they think music has an extremely important role to define and rethink what we call 'music', being an important key to reshape (like independent labels) the cultural market idea that music is more what comes into a nicely done package and less a way of express creativity.

That being said, today CuC features an interview with a good example - or alternative - to distribute and consume music. 
Bad Panda Records is one of the most politically outspoken labels I know. With an eclectic catalog of artists from all over the world and giving away music under Creative Commons license, Bad Panda believes in free and democratic culture where "music IS politics" (but not necessarily has to talk about it).

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Below is my interview with Claudio, founder and headmaster of Bad Panda. 

VIDEO alpaca sports - just for fun


To celebrate the release of the already sold out 7'' out via Luxury and Dufflecoat, Alpaca Sports made this video with the most adorable creatures in the world: no surprise... alpacas! I mean, FUCKING ALPACAS!!!
Now you merge a lovely indiepop tune like Just for Fun with this animals and, well... you have an irresistible poppy combination.

FYI: the digital release will be out in two days (March, 22). Meanwhile, in case you don't know this promising swedish project, check this post.

over the bluffs

THE HOLIDAY CROWD OVER THE BLUFFS (New Romantic / Shelflife 2012)

The Holiday Crowd is formed by 4 boys from Toronto. Their debut album, Over the Bluffs, is out via New Romantic and Shelflife.

Their music is a combination of 80's new wave with C86 and Morrissey-esque vocals. The Smiths is actually the first thing that came into my mind but it also reminds me of danish band The Northern Portrait: catchy melodies, melancholic imagery. While the danish band uses a lot of distorted guitars, The Holiday Crowd keeps things more crystalline, jangly and clean.
For languid summer afternoons, strolls in parks of green, english streets trapped in the 80's and plaid/striped shirts.

'Never Speak Of It Again' is the song Morrissey forgot to write in 1988.

The video for 'Pennies Found' was directed by Matthew Sitler and filmed on his iPhone.

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VIDEO french films and a wine tavern in austria

FRENCH FILMS YOU DON'T KNOW / PRETTY IN DECADENCE (they shoot music don't they, 2012)

A collective formed by pop enthusiasts take us to different cities in  Europe and films intimate sessions under the name: They Shoot Music Don't They. If the idea wasn't amazing enough, the bands featured are incredibly great.
Now, as part of the Vienna Sessions, French Films takes over a wine tavern and performs You Don't Know and Pretty In Decadence to an audience of elderly and drunk men.

late spring morning sunlight


Ghost Lake is the solo project from Swedish musician and visual artist Henric Wallmark, also member of Heart-Sick Groans, a favorite here in CuC's lands.
In a couple of days, his debut EP 'Late Spring Morning Sunlight' will be out via THEM Records.

It is, by now, a known fact among the lucky ones that know Henric's work that he's a superb melody maker.
When I first saw the name of the project, I thought I was going to see a more serious, somber side of him with that typical Swedish imagery I'd built in my mind of snow, white and wilderness... Couldn't be more wrong with the imagery, but this is definitely a more mature and polished side of Mr. Wallmark.
Following the easy listening and light aesthetics of Heart-Sick Groans, Henric adds seriousness both, in melody and lyrics, in a very sophisticated, mature but still playful way; there's a beautiful work with acoustic guitars, layers of vocals (almost 'conversations' ) and explorations with calmer rhythms that certainly deserves attention. 

Accessible pop with the thoughtfulness for details and subtle automations/electronics. 
Beautiful all the way with some very heartwarming moments.

You can check (and download) the title track 'Late Spring Morning Sunlight' on Soundcloud.