why so absent?

i'm passing by to tell you that i'm in the process of moving to são paulo... actually i've been here for the past 10 days but still haven't got an internet connection... can't wait to start posting again ! hopefully tomorrow!
pop kisses!

rewind while sleepy

memory cassette ~ rewind while sleepy ep (independent, 2008)

today's the day of the second release of figure/colective from new jersey... another four track ep with lazy-dreamy-shoegazy-spacy tunes.
layers of fuzzy guitars in a song, shoegaze and electro pop vibe in another... and all have the whispered and sensual voice of a mistery female singer.
you can download it from here or check their blog (together with weird taped). their songs are also available to download there...
perfect (and warm) synthpop for summer night parties by the beach.

01. 50mph
02. listen to the vacuum
03. ghost in the boombox
04. surfin


download their previous ep here.

music to see .01

today we'll have a new segment here... since i'm graduated in movies & video and for some time now i've been making videos for some of my favorite bands, i think it's necessary create a space for some visual contemplation.
to start, the brand new video of cats on fire new album 'tears in your cup'

the pains of being pure at heart and it's lovely 8mm film for 'everything with you'

and klaus & kinski's stop motion for 'flashback al revés'

the poor and needy need to party

knight school ~ the poor and needy need to party (lostmusic records, 2009)

brooklin seems to be the place on earth if you want to make great guitar pop songs... first we were blown away by the pains of being pure at heart and now's the time for knigth school: two boys, a girl and distorted fuzzy guitars.
this is their debut album and has 14 songs and around 25 minutes. "...is pop music that comes informed by the lo-fi shambling sounds that were kick started in the uk in the mid 1980s by the nme c86 cassette". (from the lostmusic website)
energetic and powerfull! 'you are the key' is brilliant!

01. pregnant again
02. no one likes me no more
03. gordo got the part
04. gardeninginginging
05. maggot
06. head in hive
07. vampire schmampire
08. who the fuck hung the moon
09. crybaby
10. mother gas station
11. mrs tambourine man
12. you are the key
13. mountain
14. oprah (open your ears)

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kickstand ~ kickstand (queenie records, 1994)

back in 1994, twin sisters tori and tammi colichio and guitarist jeff feuerzeig (also an independent filmmaker) released their debut album full of minimalist pop songs. understand by minimalist a guitar, bass, drums and hushed voices (sometimes the sister sharing vocals, sometimes jeff joining them). it is a clean but still lo-fi recording released on the cool girl-indie label queenie records.
the album has 23 songs, including covers for 'colossal youth' by young marble giants; 'teenage kicks' by the undertones (the cutest version i've ever heard) and the amazing 'tally ho' by the clean.

while the do-it-yourself-inspired melodic pop romps of bands like the pastels also figure here, kickstand absorbs its influences and heads into a clear direction of its own.they use keyboards in a few songs and it's awesome! 'slingshot' is a must hear with guitar and drums forming a basic melody and the keyboards taking the lead. 'not enough memory' follows the same path and makes me think of soda fountain rag.
damn good cutie-pop with sing-songy tunes and (sometimes) bold girl-empowering lyrics like in the opening track 'how to make a girl cry': 'put away your ammunition/she's got feminine intuiton'.

01. how to make a girl cry
02. my reputation
03. magic
04. lullaby
05. colossal youth (young marble giants cover)
06. i rode in saucers
07. slingshot
08. wish upon a star
09. not enough memory
10. whisper
11. teenage kicks (the undertones cover)
12. full moon
13. spiral
14. take the highway
15. spinning top
16. roller rink
17. once around town
18. why can't i
19. the card shuffle
20. daydream
21. get-well kiss
22. tally ho (the clean cover)
23. crumble

cellophane rain

cellophane rain ~ cellophane rain (independent, 2007)

sensitive mixture of bedroom pop and shoegaze made by diy musicians brendan and laura, from australia.

"don't expect a blizzard of feedback or rumbling bass, but strings, glockenspiels, accordions, pianos, organs, and clarinet are woven into the feather bed on which these gossamer voices float. there are those who will find cellophane rain a little lightweight or saccharine even and i'll take a punt that they're probably a couple of real romantics - but it's a cold hard world out there and I can certainly make room for a bit of dreaming and doting. if the swoonsome twosome come close to rocking out - there are what i assume to be programmed beats throughout, which stay away from dreaded lazy looping - it's on "orchid". got room for a little idealism, a little romanticism and a sojourn in comfort and care in your record collection? as a work in process there's such promise here and there are a number of directions in which cellophane rain could now travel". (written by colin ricketts)

an album full of breeze... beautiful and heartfelt from the sunny start to the rainy end.

01. good morning light
02. second song
03. orchid
04. sunshower
05. autumn
06. fallen
07. blue
08. 16
09. oyster love
10. my place
11. sweet little flower
12. pale in june
13. post script

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saying things you don't want to hear

my darling you! ~ saying things you don't want to hear ( luxury records, 2009)

another swedish duo. another mix of electronics and guitar. but this time we're talking about something more into pop-punk than the pop-dance influences.
christoffer and klas make addictive songs with claps and hooks and witty and fun lyrics. as klas once said, their music is about:
“nights out, nights at home, and the day after”.
i have to say that their latest releases weren't that exciting to me. in 'saying things...' they seem to be back on track even though there's a lot of experimentalisms. but i still miss songs that take you by surprise and are so energetic that you can do anything else but let yourself go along with it... good examples are 'taxidriver', 'prince john silver & gold' and 'bad times are on'.
the theme of the songs we know very well: love and heartbreaking seen from a very peculiar point of view; already a trademark of my darling you!.
the songs from this ep go from dance music to distorted guitars and screams. all that in 5 songs.
not their best, but quite enjoyable...

01. dressed4success
02. i'll sleep with the fishes
03. pain-carrier
04. i adore you
05. walk like you're about to fall

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