the poor and needy need to party

knight school ~ the poor and needy need to party (lostmusic records, 2009)

brooklin seems to be the place on earth if you want to make great guitar pop songs... first we were blown away by the pains of being pure at heart and now's the time for knigth school: two boys, a girl and distorted fuzzy guitars.
this is their debut album and has 14 songs and around 25 minutes. " pop music that comes informed by the lo-fi shambling sounds that were kick started in the uk in the mid 1980s by the nme c86 cassette". (from the lostmusic website)
energetic and powerfull! 'you are the key' is brilliant!

01. pregnant again
02. no one likes me no more
03. gordo got the part
04. gardeninginginging
05. maggot
06. head in hive
07. vampire schmampire
08. who the fuck hung the moon
09. crybaby
10. mother gas station
11. mrs tambourine man
12. you are the key
13. mountain
14. oprah (open your ears)

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L said...

Where do you find this great music. More thanks.