cellophane rain

cellophane rain ~ cellophane rain (independent, 2007)

sensitive mixture of bedroom pop and shoegaze made by diy musicians brendan and laura, from australia.

"don't expect a blizzard of feedback or rumbling bass, but strings, glockenspiels, accordions, pianos, organs, and clarinet are woven into the feather bed on which these gossamer voices float. there are those who will find cellophane rain a little lightweight or saccharine even and i'll take a punt that they're probably a couple of real romantics - but it's a cold hard world out there and I can certainly make room for a bit of dreaming and doting. if the swoonsome twosome come close to rocking out - there are what i assume to be programmed beats throughout, which stay away from dreaded lazy looping - it's on "orchid". got room for a little idealism, a little romanticism and a sojourn in comfort and care in your record collection? as a work in process there's such promise here and there are a number of directions in which cellophane rain could now travel". (written by colin ricketts)

an album full of breeze... beautiful and heartfelt from the sunny start to the rainy end.

01. good morning light
02. second song
03. orchid
04. sunshower
05. autumn
06. fallen
07. blue
08. 16
09. oyster love
10. my place
11. sweet little flower
12. pale in june
13. post script

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L said...

such sweet, sweet music. And thanks for the samples - really appreciate all the time you put into making this a first-class blog (despite the apparent lack of thanks).