saying things you don't want to hear

my darling you! ~ saying things you don't want to hear ( luxury records, 2009)

another swedish duo. another mix of electronics and guitar. but this time we're talking about something more into pop-punk than the pop-dance influences.
christoffer and klas make addictive songs with claps and hooks and witty and fun lyrics. as klas once said, their music is about:
“nights out, nights at home, and the day after”.
i have to say that their latest releases weren't that exciting to me. in 'saying things...' they seem to be back on track even though there's a lot of experimentalisms. but i still miss songs that take you by surprise and are so energetic that you can do anything else but let yourself go along with it... good examples are 'taxidriver', 'prince john silver & gold' and 'bad times are on'.
the theme of the songs we know very well: love and heartbreaking seen from a very peculiar point of view; already a trademark of my darling you!.
the songs from this ep go from dance music to distorted guitars and screams. all that in 5 songs.
not their best, but quite enjoyable...

01. dressed4success
02. i'll sleep with the fishes
03. pain-carrier
04. i adore you
05. walk like you're about to fall

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