cajón de sastre ~ demo 2005 (independent, 2005)

carol, emi and miguel are a band from gijón, spain. their my latest discovery from the rich spanish independent scene. and rich is the best word to describe their music formed by electronic textures and whispered voices. all very sentimental, melodic and enigmatic.
this demo was recorded when the trio still was a duo with carol and miguel.
"carol, emi and miguel angel present a collection of threaded samples where electronic bases and sentimental arrangements make up the cross-sectional threads of a sonorous tailoring where any musical garment is possible. with a dressmaker mother and tailor father, respectively, cajón de sastre inherits the artisan tradition with which they subtly sew their musical wounds." (from their myspace)
originally, this demo had four songs but there's also a song called 'cajón de sastre' that opens the album and the last is another version of it. it seems like their hymn and it was the song that made me pay attention in their music.
involving... enigmatic... melodic... great for late night hours.

00. cajón de sastre
01. el contenedor de ilusiones de david
02. la chaqueta arrugada
03. érase una vez
04. septiembre
05. cajón de sastre (revestida)


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