the popguns ~ eugenie (midnight music records, 1990)

the popguns is a band from brighton(uk) that started in 1986 and released their first ever song on a flexi disc that was given away with an issue of 'how many beans make five', a zine - also from brighton - of the second half of the 80's.
eugenie is their first full lenght and contains a compilation of songs that were previously recorded on singles.
i became a fan of the popguns the first time i heard 'because he wanted to': a classic fast pace a la the wedding present way (in fact, the wedding present's ex-drummer joined the band in 1988)... the perfect song to dance as loose as possible and singing along verses of love, pain, loneliness and breaking ups (when he said that nothing happens here/ seemed like something just to say/ how could I turn round and say to him/ how I loved this perfect day).
and the whole album is filled with songs just like that... twee and c86 energy from the early 90's through a female perspective!
here's the video for the (also) classic 'waiting for the winter'.

(the band never officially split up and every now and then play some gigs.)

01. landslide
02. down on your knees
03. leave it alone
04. waiting for the winter
05. every dream
06. because he wanted to
07. someone you love
08. those other things
09. don't smile


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