'neath the staring skies

punky's dilemma ~ 'neath the staring skies ep (shelflife records (cd-r series)), 2003

first release of the trio from malmö. a consistent and breathtaking debut setting a unique mood that in their second cd-ep is more refined and polished.
the opening track 'airliner' is a classic and could be part of a trilogy with 'shooting stars' and 'scandinavia' from echelon, released in 2006. melancholy in its best.
from shelflife:
"...'neath the staring skies' immerses the listener in haunting male-female vocal harmonies echoing through layers of folky acoustic guitar and sparse but well-arranged bass, piano and percussion. To truly appreciate the sum of the parts, you'll want to sit back and let the waves of emotion wash over you".

here you can also hear a sort of first version of the beautiful 'century of time'...

01. airliner
02. not if i lose
03. dream mtv
04. for sale
05. century of time
06. grace


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L said...

Thanks for this. Love Shelflife.