all hail the daffodil

dead famous people ~ all hail the daffodil (la-di-da records, 1991)

classic girl act from the alternative scene of the late 80's in new zealand.
guitars, keyboards, drums, lyricism and backing vocals are the instruments used to create 11 heavenly pop songs.
after achieving a certain success in new zeland's underground scene they moved to uk.
in 1989 they appeared on peel sessions and after recording an album (arriving late in torn and filthy jeans) the band was over...
all hail the daffodil contains songs recorded during the year of 1990 and was released a short time after the band split up the year after.
among the 11 tracks there are a few (a lot actually) that are true pop hymns! in 'little flashes of yesterday' we have a jangly guitar and donna savage singing 'little flashes of yesterday/ can make a person blind/ little flashes of yesterday/ can be so unkind'.
and there's also 'life said to the boy' a song with chorus lines that goes like ''hail' life said to the boy/ don't test me''.
i could take every song and quote lyrics and talk about the jangly or hooked guitar... and about the moments the girls sing together forming layers of voice... and about the sweet keyboards...
and about...

01. with wing we'll soar the heavens
02. how to be kind
03. little flashes of yesterday
04. wild young ways
05. in praise of right now
06. postcard from paradise
07. life said to the boy
08. gavin
09. left
10. go home stay home
11. all hail the daffodil

(donna savage appeared as a guest on the saint etienne's version of the field mice's let's kiss and make up').

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Thanks so much - I've been looking for these guys from way back.