into the light again

her name in lights ~ into the light again (laughing outlaw records, 2005)

melodic pop-folk...moody...unashamedly 'girly'...
mary wyer - member of the classic sarah records act even as we speak - with her fiancé almond cafarella, simon holds from the hummingbirds (the should-have-been band from the 90's) and simon gibson from sneeze got together to record some songs wyer had written.

"... with the merest flicker of vengeance in her winsome voice, wyer's pink confessions save themselves with a refreshing honesty and manage to document with charm and insight the many ways love seduces, then ruins, then rebuilds and redeems us. buried in the middle of all this heartache is a strummy acoustic lament which turns out to be a breathtaking version of the otherwise completely execrable 'sex bomb '..."
(inspired review from the site

01. prelude
02. here she comes
03. dream
04. you know i really loved that boy
05. headstrong
06. waiting
07. key (part 1)
08. wicked girl
09. key (part 2)
10. car
11. mess
12. sex bomb
13. first kiss last kiss
14. against the blue
15. deep water
16. she said

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