confused and proud - 25 years old mixtape

confused and proud - 25 years old mixtape (mixtape #01)

i turned 25 today! well, yesterday...
and i noticed that on march,14 i spend the day thinking about music and years. which music would i be in 1986? or what about the songs of my life? i have a deep feeling for 'birthday' by the sugarcubes, for example. don't ask me why... everytime i try to imagine how was the day when i was born and recreate it from nothing - since i can't remember anything from the day i was born... thinking about the colors, the atmospheres and the sounds i feel that 'birthday' fits perfectly. oh, and yes a song called 'birthday' to mark the day of my birth. i'm that obvious.
so here's the video of 'birthday'...
first one from 1987 with the original version of the song.

and from a live performance in 1988.

and here's the first mixtape of the blog...

01. northern portrait - crazy
02. razorcuts - i'll still be there
03. hammarin & robin - hell knows i'm in love
04. twig - 50 shades of red
05. burning hearts - i lost my colour vision
06. klaus & kinski - la mano de santa teresa de jesús
07. the popguns - because he wanted to
08. fosca - confused and proud
09. cof cof - t-shirt
10. mono taxi - kind of better
11. always - london times
12. my teenage stride - skin lieutenant
13. santa dog - belle de jour
14. the winter club - mixtapes that lucy made
15. bathing beauty and sir cecile savoy - let's keep it friendly
16. boat club - warmer climes
17. camera obscura - swans
18. japan air - stars
19. kite - ways to dance
20. davey strange - let's go disco dancing
21. grande archives - orange juice
22. graham fellows - a conker in spring
23. thunder power - take a hike
24. cats on fire - the border of this land
25. slowblow - morgun


Anonymous said...

happy b-day! best wishes to you
on your 25th b-day.. you have a great blog here... keep the post coming..

L said...

Thanks for celebrating with us.