worst of 04-07

girl alliance ~ worst of 04-07 (independent, 2008)

one of the things i like the most are music made in bedrooms and released on the internet with no pretention at all...
that's the case of girl alliance. all we know is that it's a guy in his 20-something that lives in lund, sweden. he creates cute and catchy pop melodies and sings about love and its longings.
('i don't know what to expect from that boy' is awesome).

01. jaded
02. so many things
03. what can i do
04. best of seasons
05. denmark
06. i don't know what to expect from that boy
07. misbehaving
08. i want more
09. pretty young boy
10. train to school
11. dumb


(thanks to mark, from last.fm, for introduce me to girl alliance!)

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L said...

Thanks for this terrific discovery.