eternamatic ~ eternamatic (bootleg, 1993)

you may know the legendary spanish duo family that in the early 90's released a classic album praised until our days. after the release of 'un soplo en el corazón', the band was over.
eternamatic was a project for a one-performance-only. it was formed by family (javier aramburu and iñaki gametxogoikoetxea) with teresa iturrioz from le mans and aventuras de kirlian. they performed one time: at a tribute party to the radio host juan de pablos.
the themes are delightful...
i don't know if it's because i am very sentimental but 'sentimental' has brilliant lyrics and could be a hymn for the sensitive ones.
'i don't expect anything
what should i expect?
i live from memories
but how can i avoid it
i'm so sentimental."
and at a certain point: "to you it sound fatal/ that i hear the music /that always makes me cry". and you cry, because you know exactly what they mean.
and 'et si je m'en vais avant toi' is a song with french lyrics and all of my french reaches is the translation of the title 'and if i see myself in front of you' or something like that...
rare songs from one of the most groudbreaking acts in spain sharing their last minutes of evocative sensibility and delightful melancholy.

01. sentimental
02. et si m'en vais avant toi

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L said...

Thanks so much. Too bad they released so few tunes.