still here

kuryakin ~ still here (shelflife records, 2008)

when someone talks about a duo from sweden making dreamy pop songs with guitars and beats it's certain that it's good and fresh. and when this duo is signed with shelflife records, well, then you know you must check it out.
petter and johan make music since 2003 and their sound was beautifully defined on tweeview as laptop pop (the influence of 60's sunshine pop is also part of their tunes).
“kuryakin is simply trying to make beautiful music. if they could they would have a symphonic orchestra backing them up on every song, but for now they have to be satisfied with all the sounds you can make with a computer.”
(from their website)
they live in diferent cities: one in uppsala and the other in stockholm and they create their music sending samples and ideas via email.
it's amazing how they don't get carried away by blips and beats. less is more but still amazingly melodic. still here is a gift to everyone living on the north hemisphere: five songs to welcome the summer and most likely to be the soundtrack of those languid days by the sun.

01. take my hand
02. still here
03. snow
04. rain
05. peace of mind

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L said...

Great record. Thanks.