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When I first started the blog, back in 2008, one of the things that I was most excited about was to create mixtapes. As a frustrated musician - since I don't play anything - and a frustrated DJ - since I don't really go out much, mixtapes are all I have left. And mixtapes keep it satisfied. By now.

The idea behind 'The Chaotisch Days' is to bring back to the blog (and ultimately my life) the lovely art of putting songs together. And also there's the 'documenting' factor: the new mixing with the old and the layers of memories and feelings being accessed again and rearranged. Anyway...
I'm not sure if this will be a monthly or weekly segment. All I know is that there'll be more.

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INTERVIEW 57. karibean

As you from the North welcomes the closeness from the rays of sun - commonly known as summer - and your days tend to get dark around 10pm, probably some of your musical habits may change. You let the more introspective things aside and go to more sunny, warm, outdoor-sy and upbeat places of your music library. And talking about sunny and upbeat: do you know Karibean?
To welcome the summer - even though I'm wearing double layered socks and a beanie - I decided to publish an interview with my favorite indiepop trio from Italy: as I said it before - Karibean.

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Last year, their first ep called 'Love Tears and Spiritual Blessings' caught - not only - my attention with its beautiful melodies soaked in sun, beach, DIY, 60s pop and late 80s/early 90s indiepop.
The EP was first released independently (and for free download) and later was reissued - also as a free download - via EardrumsPop.
Among the songs, 'Gregorian Spring' stands out as the track of the EP and could (should!) be considered an indiepop hymn for its uplifting effect, combining melody, harmony and an outstanding and moving dialogue between vocals and backing vocals.

At the moment, they're preparing the release of their new ep - Andersen - (out in 4 days - June, 27) in collaboration with MATTAlab and We Were Never Being Boring Collective.
'Off the Lip' is the first single.

Check the interview below!

when people like you filled the heavens


The finnish boys just released a new song on Soundcloud. Indiepop for those days when the sun seems to be closer.

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Here's an acoustic rendition for Luomustudio, a project from Finland with artists playing acoustic versions of their songs.

the deddingtons


For at least 6 years I've known The Deddingtons as the band of "The Last Day", my favorite song featured on the 6 volumes compilation The Sound of Leamington Spa.
The band was formed by 4 boys around their 20's in Nottingham in the early 90's.

Now, thanks to Roque and Cloudberry Records, that changed. A brand new album (the first of the band) recovering 10 songs from the short period the band was active had just been released.

A fantastic collection of indiepop shared with the world... 22 years later.

interview (on cloudberry cake proselytism)     release

Here's a video shot in 1990 for 'Happy Again'.