the deddingtons


For at least 6 years I've known The Deddingtons as the band of "The Last Day", my favorite song featured on the 6 volumes compilation The Sound of Leamington Spa.
The band was formed by 4 boys around their 20's in Nottingham in the early 90's.

Now, thanks to Roque and Cloudberry Records, that changed. A brand new album (the first of the band) recovering 10 songs from the short period the band was active had just been released.

A fantastic collection of indiepop shared with the world... 22 years later.

interview (on cloudberry cake proselytism)     release

Here's a video shot in 1990 for 'Happy Again'.

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Anonymous said...

The Deddingtons album, a collection of 10 tracks originally recorded as demos for WEA records is out now as a digipak CD with booklet and liner notes on Cloudberry records. You can also download at iTunes and Amazon. Thanks!