you are waiting. your friend is coming.

you are waiting. your friend is coming. mixtape #11

01. naivepop or petitfool - saturday pops for her
02. el robot bajo el agua - la moto
03. plavi pepermint - usamljenost kao navika
04. kissamatic lovebubbles - total hangover
05. mockingbird, wish me luck - pictures (to big to fit in a sight)
06. die fahrraddiebe - sommerlied
07. de agtige - if you kiss me
08. chris zabriskie - i can be your love
09. megamoog - love, love!
10. el oso goloso - espantoso
11. joe crepúsculo - el día de la sardina
12. desmond reed - who i'd like to meet
13. dallas - come on david
14. princeton - korean war memorial
15. herr nilsson - i don't know how to be sad
16. giraff på engelska - falling in love
17. yani como - supermercados
18. the proctors - not so far away (original version)
19. young michelin - obscene
20. replicant - non troppo


palpitation interview

so far, one of the greatest albums of the year was made by maria and ebba. they first appear to me in 2008 as a day breaking into an unknown ladscape filled with fog. that's the feeling i get when i hear to their songs. now they have a debut album released on luxury records and the feeling remains. their are palpitation and they come from sweden. today they talk to us and let us get into their inspirations and musical thoughts.

01. when did you started making music and where the inspiration for the name palpitation came from?
we started making music together in 2007. we wrote some songs and all through that period our feelings were controlled by palpitations, which means an irregular heartbeat. palpitation is the main feeling when we write our songs.

02. talk a bit about your world. influences, inspirations...
we are more influenced by single songs and movies and feelings rather than any particular bands. it varies very much from day to day, hour to hour.

03. your first ep is from 2008. immediately, it caught the attention of everyone that listened to it due to the foggy-roughy vocals and the fresh melodics. In which context it was made? What were your expectations while making it?
we went to a house on the countryside far away from where we live and recorded both the ep and the album. it's very quiet there and you have nothing to do but think and play music.

04. 'next stop tennessee' still is one of my favorite songs from you. It's catchy and the naivety on the lyrics is simply gorgeous. Could you talk about it?
simple lyrics need simple context and simple melodies. i think maybe thats all that i can say about it.

05. i'm not gonna ask about future releases because you've just released your debut álbum on luxury records. Looking to your two releases, it feels like the ep is the prologue and the álbum the development of a beautiful and delicate view on love and the different ways it makes you feel (with an emphasis on feeling blue or hurt). In which way (or ways) the making of the álbum was different comparing to the ep? And in which stage of the recording process luxury records signed you?
we worked on the album for 2 years, and the fact that we gave the album two years gave it more thought than the ep, which we just wrote and recorded in like 2 seconds. luxury signed us when the album was already in press, like a month before the release in april.

06. do you get to live of music or have another job?
we can't live of our music, we have other jobs and we also go to school.

07. any song you'd like to cover?
we would like to cover "time after time" with cindy lauper!!!!!

08. name the perfect place and time to hear your music.
the perfect place and time to hear our music is on a train when the sun rises.

09. recommend something you've been listening lately.
we have been listening to beach house and radio dept. lately.

at their website, you can download the first single of their album called 'what if'.

music to see. 08

even though i don't listen to ok go, i think their videos are incredible... and they have just released a great new one!

there's also allo darlin' and the lovely 'dreaming'.

and apenino, spanish musician signed to jabalina, with 'días de septiembre'.


bubblegum splash ~ splashdown! 7'' (subway organization, 1987)

i have this enormous admiration for bands that don't last much, releasing an ep or so and then disappearing or moving on. it has this ephemeral feeling that i appreciate and makes me think of how it must be to the people that were part of it when they look back and remember the period when they were in a band...

so following our previous post about jane from occupied europe, here's bubblegum splash: a previous work from the mentioned band that produced 7 songs to the world throughout the year
1987: 3 were in fanzine flexidiscs and compilations and 4 were part of the 7'' splashdown!, released under subway organization. i should probably write a post specially to subway because the label released some of the greatest band from the 80's twee/garage/indie scene (shop assistants, razorcuts, the soup dragons and many many more).
splashdown! is among the releases and presents (roughly) 7 minutes of twee in its purest state.

a1. plastic smile
a2. just walked away
b1. fast of friends of those things


just like holden caulfield

jane from occupied europe ~ just like holden caulfield

one of my favorite blogs there and back again lane posted a few days ago a compilation from 89 made by the german label frischluft tonträger called 'mit sonnenschirmen fingen wir den blütenzauber'and i completely fell for one of the songs... 'just like holden caulfield' by jane from occupied europe.
since i discovered it (about 10 days ago) i just can't stop listening to it. it is to me one of those songs that fits into the category of "perfect songs about myself".

(in case you don't know, holden caulfield is a character of j.d. salinger's 'the catcher in the rye'... to be honest, i've never read the book but probably will after the song)

'i could spend a lifetime in this place (lifetime away)/ i could watch my life wasting away (wasting away)' that's how the chorus goes and, boy, you have no idea how i relate to it in so many levels...
but it ain't just the lyrics... melodically, the song carries the melancholy that i love and jangly guitars to die for that give you the possibility to dance a bit. the variations of drum beats during the chorus also make my heart skip a beat.
and to make the song even more perfect, the last seconds of the 2minutes and 40 seconds that
the song lasts there's this beautiful layering of vocals with 'a lifetime, a lifetime away'...
i mean, it's a bit frustrating to try to explain how the song moves me because it's not something
that you can consciously understand. but that's the beauty of music, isn't?

so here i'm posting the song (that you can also download via and below there's a link
to a blog dedicated or made by the band, not sure which one.

jane from occupied europe is a project that existed from 1989 until 1993. but before that, some band members were part of bubblegum splash (another great and more famous act that played some twee, power pop) that lasted for a year and released an ep with 4 songs and a few tracks in compilations.

download just like holden caulfield

blog (with the band discography. you should check them out... it's pretty, pretty good!)