stars in coma. interview #33

Stars in Coma has been releasing music since 2005: ep's, singles, albums. Linking them all, you'll find André Brorsson - founder and permanent member - and a genuine sense of pop music... and by pop I mean the laid back and effortless walk between songs guitar driven to synth based tunes. A great example for that is Prototype Paradise, a free maxi-ep released last Thursday at the band's bandcamp (link below). A collection of 7 songs that goes from the electropop/dancefloor-ish tracks like 'Swing Inn' and 'Aerial Cube' and 'Prototype Paradise', to acoustic moments like '87' - a the beautiful story about a boy on a cinema - and Strawbs' cover 'Stormy Down', wrapping up with the guitar driven 'Vi Vann Ändå'.

We talked with André about his musical origins, the making of Prototype Paradise, why is available for free, how emotions are more important than money and about the next album - Midnight Puzzle - due to be released next March.

VIDEO the sound of arrows.nova

New single of the swedish electronic duo was released today. The song is part of their debut album that'll be released on April,25 on Geffen Records. 

VIDEO la bien querida. hoy

In 2008, 'Romancero' pleased our ears and hearts with love and catalan sounds. It was La Bien Querida's debut and now, 3 years later, she's back with 'Fiesta', due to be released on March, 7th via Elefant Records.

'Hoy' is the first single and - I know I should say something - but the feeling is intangible... or maybe I'm simply scared to trap the song into inherent words.

'Qué será la muerte? / me preguntaste un día / y no te sube contestar / si la muerte es mirar y no verte / que la muerte es mirar y no verte''
"What is death? / you asked me someday / and I couldn't tell / if death was to look and don't see you / death is to look and don't see you"


look!!! these three painters of hits have done it again!

Heart-Sick Groans, a band that gathers some of the most fun indiepopers of Sweden, released this week another cool named ep: 'Look!!! These three Painters of Hits Have Done It Again!'. It's independent and you can get it on their Bandcamp page (go and support them!!!). And even though they are not big - unfair world - they've really done it... more than ever, I'd say.

The EP has a strong 'indiepop-made-for-beach-days' feeling attached to short and straightforward songs with (mostly) fun, happy and irreverent lyrics. 

Some of my favourite moments...

'Surfer Friend' starts the EP with what they do best: witty and funny lyrics with infectuous melody, a mixture of surf pop with country-ish guitars. Here, they sing about finding a surfer friend because 'I don't wanna go to the beach alone...' that, of course, is the Heart-Sick Groans way to start a song that talks about loneliness. 
In 'Man on the Rocks' what stands out is the beautifully crafted orchestration and the participation of Elsa Sjögren sharing the vocals.  
'Seriously, Salinger' is (seriously) great! Probably the best song of the release and perfect for sunsets (specially if you're in Hawaii!). Here they ride more melancholic waves and prepare your mood for the last rays of sun (and for the last track).
 'Last Night Out with the Gang' is a slow paced tune, being almost a modern lullaby about, well, the last night out with the gang. Beautiful creation of images  and amazing lyrics about memories of good times spent with friends - 'as he stepped out of the boat /  a familiar laughter roared / last night out with the gang...'

Take this 6 songs to your little imaginary island... seriously. 
And read our interview from last year.

klaus & kinski. interview #32

Klaus & Kinski is a band from Murcia, Spain and since 2008 they've been casting a spell of fragility, loud guitars, emotional melodies and phenomenal skill to mixture musical styles. Their albums have a profound collection of songs that travel through shoegaze, rumba, bossa nova and electronic sounds. And the most interesting thing to note about that is how cohesive this mixture of different genres sounds.
Alejandro Martínez is the guy who writes the songs and take care of arrangements. His lyrics deal with subjects from History - citing demons (like the nazi dr. Mengele in the beautiful 'Mengele y el amor') and heros (Bakunin, the russian anarchist political theorist); the fear of death and, of course, love.
Two years and two albums later (both released under the great Jabalina Musica), Klaus & Kinski is one of the pillars of the vibrant contemporary spanish indie scene.

We talked with Marina, the sweet voice breathing life to Alejandro's words. She talks about their origins, the many music styles inside their music, inspirations and about their new album, due to be released in 2012.

01. How did you got together and decided to start a band? And by the name of the band I assume you are big fans of the german actor Klaus Kinski… how did you get to the name?

We met on a disco parking, three days before 09.11 terrorist attack, but we started to make songs during 2006. Actually we are not fans of Klaus Kinski, but we liked his name and angry face. We thought "klaus&kinski" was stupid enough to sound cool.

moonstruck ep (preview)

Champagne Riot ~ Moonstruck EP (matinée recordings, 2011)

Casper and Anders are Champagne Riot, this electronic duo from Copenhagen, making electronic music that is, at least, addictive. They had our hearts pounding to their beats filled with longing and romance with 'Paris and I', their debut EP released by Shelflife Records in 2008.
At the end of 2009 came 'Champagne Anthem', described by me as the first love hymn of the second decade of the 2000's.
Now, they are preparing to release a new EP under Matinée Recordings called Moonstruck EP on February, 15th.
'Moonstruck' is the first single and was released as a sample track ... here's a description from Matinée release:

"‘Moonstruck’ begins the EP with a self-composed classical arrangement that gradually evolves into a massive electronic pop track full of arpeggio synths and layered drum machines plus a sweeping, radio friendly chorus. The song tells the tale of a night out in Gothenburg, Sweden and the resulting paradox of feeling perfect in the moment while realizing a late night crush will never survive the light of day".


You can already order the ep on Matinée's shop.
To get their debut from 2008 (Paris and I), go to Shelflife.
Last year we spoke with them. Go here to read the interview.