look!!! these three painters of hits have done it again!

Heart-Sick Groans, a band that gathers some of the most fun indiepopers of Sweden, released this week another cool named ep: 'Look!!! These three Painters of Hits Have Done It Again!'. It's independent and you can get it on their Bandcamp page (go and support them!!!). And even though they are not big - unfair world - they've really done it... more than ever, I'd say.

The EP has a strong 'indiepop-made-for-beach-days' feeling attached to short and straightforward songs with (mostly) fun, happy and irreverent lyrics. 

Some of my favourite moments...

'Surfer Friend' starts the EP with what they do best: witty and funny lyrics with infectuous melody, a mixture of surf pop with country-ish guitars. Here, they sing about finding a surfer friend because 'I don't wanna go to the beach alone...' that, of course, is the Heart-Sick Groans way to start a song that talks about loneliness. 
In 'Man on the Rocks' what stands out is the beautifully crafted orchestration and the participation of Elsa Sjögren sharing the vocals.  
'Seriously, Salinger' is (seriously) great! Probably the best song of the release and perfect for sunsets (specially if you're in Hawaii!). Here they ride more melancholic waves and prepare your mood for the last rays of sun (and for the last track).
 'Last Night Out with the Gang' is a slow paced tune, being almost a modern lullaby about, well, the last night out with the gang. Beautiful creation of images  and amazing lyrics about memories of good times spent with friends - 'as he stepped out of the boat /  a familiar laughter roared / last night out with the gang...'

Take this 6 songs to your little imaginary island... seriously. 
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