VIDEO la bien querida. hoy

In 2008, 'Romancero' pleased our ears and hearts with love and catalan sounds. It was La Bien Querida's debut and now, 3 years later, she's back with 'Fiesta', due to be released on March, 7th via Elefant Records.

'Hoy' is the first single and - I know I should say something - but the feeling is intangible... or maybe I'm simply scared to trap the song into inherent words.

'Qué será la muerte? / me preguntaste un día / y no te sube contestar / si la muerte es mirar y no verte / que la muerte es mirar y no verte''
"What is death? / you asked me someday / and I couldn't tell / if death was to look and don't see you / death is to look and don't see you"



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