moonstruck ep (preview)

Champagne Riot ~ Moonstruck EP (matinée recordings, 2011)

Casper and Anders are Champagne Riot, this electronic duo from Copenhagen, making electronic music that is, at least, addictive. They had our hearts pounding to their beats filled with longing and romance with 'Paris and I', their debut EP released by Shelflife Records in 2008.
At the end of 2009 came 'Champagne Anthem', described by me as the first love hymn of the second decade of the 2000's.
Now, they are preparing to release a new EP under Matinée Recordings called Moonstruck EP on February, 15th.
'Moonstruck' is the first single and was released as a sample track ... here's a description from Matinée release:

"‘Moonstruck’ begins the EP with a self-composed classical arrangement that gradually evolves into a massive electronic pop track full of arpeggio synths and layered drum machines plus a sweeping, radio friendly chorus. The song tells the tale of a night out in Gothenburg, Sweden and the resulting paradox of feeling perfect in the moment while realizing a late night crush will never survive the light of day".


You can already order the ep on Matinée's shop.
To get their debut from 2008 (Paris and I), go to Shelflife.
Last year we spoke with them. Go here to read the interview.


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