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VIDEO my heart belongs to cecilia winter. album teaser + departure and arrival


An explosion of melody and melancholy will draw arches in the sky. Next Friday (Oct, 5th) a new album from My Heart belongs to Cecilia Winter will be released.

Here's the album teaser

The video for the first single - Departure and Arrival - was released a couple of hours ago.

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the wild

ABADABAD THE WILD EP (independent, 2012)

From Allston (Massachussets) comes Abadabad, a quartet (or quintet?) making spacey, dreamy and breezy pop with a touch of jangly and a touch of vintage groovy melancholy.

Their EP The Wild, was released on September, 12 and you should be listening to it right now. It's that good.
It is the most exciting free download of the year. Hands down.

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'All The Bros Say' is one of those songs that you listen and 5 seconds into the melody you feel that music like that doesn't appear that often. An effective - and oh so affecting -  piece of summery pop.

INTERVIEW 59. wool strings

Wool Strings is the delicate, minimal, dreamy and über organic project of japanese musician Ryohei Ameda.

Ryohei started recording his songs when he was a teenager and after being part of a few bands, he decided to release his solo work into the world.

He releases his music via Sea Song, his own label. And also appeared - and here's where I got to know his work - on A Good Crop - Eardrums Autumn Compilation, from 2008 and released via Eardrums.

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He creates instrumental landscapes, and it's impossible not to think about cherry blossoms, bamboo forests and calm streams hidden in the woods, somewhere in Japan's countryside. Not that his music sounds traditional or something; but it has an acoustic and - as I said before - organic atmosphere.

(Our Spring To Their Summer is a free ep from 2010 available on bandcamp). To learn more about his latest work - after blue - released last February, see the last question of our interview.


DELAY TREES PAUSE single (Soliti, 2012)

Dreamy - and oh so melancholic - finnish band Delay Trees has a new album finished and ready to be released on October, 19th.
Doze, is their second album and will be released via Soliti, a young new label from Helsinki working with artists like indie darlings Cats On Fire and indiepopsurfing sensation Big Wave Riders.

'Pause' is the first song released from the album and boy... it's an 8 minute long journey through cinematic delicacy, emotion and their very own sense of melancholy (already a trademark).

Enjoy the heartfelt journey of  'Pause'.

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the chaotisch days 3

Here's a collection of songs to celebrate teenagery feelings, angst, hopes and dreams.
The idea came while I was watching a (great!) british comedy show from the early 80's of the same name.
The opening track is the actual song from the opening credits of the series; an addictive short version of Cliff Richards' 'The Young Ones', sang by the cast of the series.
You'll find lots of independent artists... new stuff, old stuff, obscure stuff and classic stuff.
'Young' is a state of mind and spirit. I solemnly believe that music plays a big part on keeping things new, fresh and... well... young; always looking to the horizon for what's to come; fearless and sometimes ignoring risks and consequences.

departure and arrival (single)


After the intense, profound, romantic and dramatic debut album Our Love Will Cut Through Everything (released in 2010 and among the greatest albums of that year), My Heart Belongs To Cecilia Winter is back with the 1st single - Departure and Arrival -  of their 2nd album - Midnight Midnight.

With Departure and Arrival, we see a happier side of the 3-piece band... even though the melancholy and heartache from their previous album are very well present; that's actually their trademark, what gives their personality to their music and make it so overwhelmingly addictive and gloomy.

Midnight Midnight is already available for preorder

american photo club


Kyle Breese and Ryan Huseman are the guys behind this project. They create a moody, melodic blend of indiepop and rock in the way we love the most around here, in CuC's lands: home recordings, DIY style.

Their self titled EP was release on August, 14th. And it's available for free download on Bandcamp.

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Save Yourself is a beautiful song.