INTERVIEW 50. florian horwath

Florian Horwath is an Austrian musician that now lives in Berlin. With a childhood surrounded by memories of his parents' parties, Florian grew up to be a teenage DJ for friends and later on a radio station.
After two previous albums - 'We Are All Gold' (2005) and 'Sleepyhead' (2008) - 2010 saw the release of 'Speak To Me Now', his strongest album to date and one of the must listen albums of 2010.
A collection of sensitive and whimsical melodies and lyrics. As Florian describes in our interview "...has to do with being speechless, out of words, and at the same time wanting to express a lot... Maybe something like: talk less - feel more."

Below we go through beginnings, memories, meanings, what was and what will be.