microscopic / recreation


The energy of jangle pop, the melancholy of british indie labels from the 80s and the dreamy, contemplative shoegaze walls of sound. That's Andrés Pichardo. A multi-instrumentalist  in his early 20s from Dominican Republican, now based in NYC (previously based in Boston).

'Microscopic/Recreation' was released earlier this year and it's a balance between poppy guitars and walls of - subtle - synths.
In fact, balance and effortlessness seem to be perfect words to describes Pichardo's music. The way he floats from one influence to another and/or mixed them together to create something of his own is admirable (and leaves us excited waiting for future releases).

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He has two more songs available on Bandcamp and a debut album - Vanguard Dreams - is set to be released in September. 'Night Is Dark' is the first single.

couch surfer

TRIPTIDES COUCH SURFER (independent, 2012)

Triptides is a surf pop band from - landlocked - Bloomington, Indiana (USA) started in 2010 by college friends Glenn Brigman and Josh Menashe.
Their shimmering pop mixed with surf and a 60's vibe (take 'Couch Surfer' and its beachy-breezy hook, with uh-uh-uhs and everything).
Easy listening, echoey and warm. Let your ears soak into it.

You can find Couch Surfer - their latest release - and lots more on bandcamp.

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the chaotisch days 2

In our 2nd edition of The Chaotisch Days we have lots of Firestation Records (totally unconscious) with Men Of Westenesse, Hey Paulette and The Soulboy Collective, a C86 vibe permeating the songs, some obscure bands like the Australian girls from The Foots, the Hungarian one man band Evil Men Have No Songs and Du Nord (from Paris), and the warm happiness of the summer to be.

The Foots     Men Of Westenesse     My Teenage Stride     Hey Paulette     Pololeo     Du Nord

INTERVIEW 58. jal nuñez del prado (plastilina records)

Moving away from the usual US-UK-Sweden indie scene, we find ourselves in Lima (Peru), where Jal runs the indiepop label Plastilina Records.
The label is a collaboration between Jal and Roque Ruiz (founder of Cloudberry Records) and for the past years released high class indiepop inspired by Sarah Records, Matinée and small DIY labels from around the world.
Their catalog features acts like Hari and Aino, The Bridal Shop, The Sunny Street, Twig... and also brings back from the past old recordings from Sarah Records' St. Christopher and C86's jangle pop from Bluetrain.
Apart from running the label, Jal is also a key figure in Lima when it comes to organize indie festivals.

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In our interview Jal talks about his friendship with Roque, the beginnings of the label, the Plastilina aesthetic, the independent scene in Lima and more...



La Estrella de David is, as I've already said (a few times, actually), one of my favorite spanish acts. David Rodríguez is an unique, discreet musical figure, making indiepop sound organic even when electronics are used and bringing a certain traditional music-esque feeling to his music. The kind of guy that seems to have a very personal and accurate idea of what is the universe his trying to create.

After two full lengths and inumerous collaborations (including his partner La Bien Querida and Joe Crepúsculo, two iconic figures of the contemporary indiepop in Spain as well), came out Júpiter.
It is a 5 track intrumental EP available on bandcamp. A collection of songs where krautrock meets David's signature melodies and with a sense of travelling and movement.
'Autovía' sounds like an homage to Kraftwerk's 'Autobahn'.

(nevermind the cover art)

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