INTERVIEW 58. jal nuñez del prado (plastilina records)

Moving away from the usual US-UK-Sweden indie scene, we find ourselves in Lima (Peru), where Jal runs the indiepop label Plastilina Records.
The label is a collaboration between Jal and Roque Ruiz (founder of Cloudberry Records) and for the past years released high class indiepop inspired by Sarah Records, Matinée and small DIY labels from around the world.
Their catalog features acts like Hari and Aino, The Bridal Shop, The Sunny Street, Twig... and also brings back from the past old recordings from Sarah Records' St. Christopher and C86's jangle pop from Bluetrain.
Apart from running the label, Jal is also a key figure in Lima when it comes to organize indie festivals.

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In our interview Jal talks about his friendship with Roque, the beginnings of the label, the Plastilina aesthetic, the independent scene in Lima and more...

01. Where does the idea of starting a record label came from? And why the name Plastilina?
The idea of starting a record label comes from our passion, restlessness and lack of an indiepop movement in our city ( Lima). In 2004 I met, via Souleek,  one of my best friends and current partner Roque Ruiz who is a compulsive collector, music activist and great friend. In those times he offered me to start a new project with artists from around the world and stuff. Immediately his offer grabbed my attention since at that time I worked with  another independent record label called Globo Rojo and had enough experience. I actually got totally excited to share the same line and vision.

02. How's the logistics of running the label? Do you do things by yourself? 
 We have been working together since the first day that we started this amazing project. I am in charge of the executive and management side such a bands selection (both of us),  manufacturing, promoting, media, distribution and we're both in charge of the artistic line such as covers, website, flyers and stuff. We're actually very picky at this last point but things go smoothly working with Roque since he's a great designer.

photo by MJO
03. If you had to talk about a Plastilina aesthetic or concept, what would you say about it?
The Plastilina's concept comes from our DYI ideals, and from pure activisim answering to that restlessness that we all had when we were kids to model our creativity, ideas and dreams. Actually that is what we want to express in our releases..  alive, elegant music with high emotional voltage.

04. What’s the involvement of the label on the making of the albums? Do you get the albums ready to be released or you participate on the creation of it (recording… artwork…).
As I mentioned in the second question, we do participate in the progress of the albums sometimes with mastering, mixing, track selection and always with the artistic line. All the covers and images have to fullfill our artistic parameters which are kind of frisky, sometimes surrealistic, sometimes classy, etc.. We're really particular when it comes to the artwork for our albums.

05. Being the owner of a label and relying on music consumption, what's your view on the current state of music distribution?
Personally I am not against any platform such a blog or free streaming sites who share and allow music to be downloaded as long as they don't make any profit from it or don't have the right authorization of the owner's songs. We don't think that that can be  trouble for independent record labels as nowdays our objetive public is entirely made up of music collectors and true music lovers that in fact  think that the only way to keep this alive and keep releasing great stuff is supporting and buying to have something for the band in reward. Just true fans.

06.The label is located in Lima, Peru. How's the independent scene there? Any bands you recommend?
Yes, Plastilina is based in Lima. I can't complain about the independent scene nowadays. Over the last two years I've seen this has grown  more and more. I do remember those grey days ( about 8 years ago) where there was only experimental music or post-rock.. It seemed like everyone agreed to make the same style in those days.. Fortunately times changed and we have a plenty of styles now. As a gig promoter I can recommend Humanimals, Yushimi, Dispositivo Sueños, The Spiracles ( my favorite one!), the well known Resplandor and some more!

07. An advice for those trying/wanting to start a record label..
Be passionate and focus in what you really love and believe that creating a record label or any artistic project is a complete aesthetic.

08. How's gonna be 2012 for the label? Any projects/releases that you're excited about?
This year is full of surprises. We have been working a lot and contacting new bands for our schedule in 2012. Here are some confirmed releases that are coming soon!! Nubes en mi casa ( Argentina) If you like The Essex Green or that neo-psychedelic pop you are gonna love it!. Pinkie ( UK) Alex Sharkey's project. Member of the emblematic band Brighter from Sarah Records also member from Hal and Fosca!. Cocoanut Groove ( Sweden) Such a talented composer, ex The Tidy Ups. This particular project actually sounds more scottish than swedish! His second album is coming too!.Annemarie ( Indonesia) who released his debut album in 2007 in our home.. after 5 long awaited years we finally have the second one! A full discography of my favorite twee pop band The Tartans and much more!!

09. Anything else you feel like saying?
"Only what we dream is what we truly are, because all the rest, having been realized, belongs to the world and to everyone". Fernando Pessoa

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