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jane from occupied europe ~ just like holden caulfield

one of my favorite blogs there and back again lane posted a few days ago a compilation from 89 made by the german label frischluft tonträger called 'mit sonnenschirmen fingen wir den blütenzauber'and i completely fell for one of the songs... 'just like holden caulfield' by jane from occupied europe.
since i discovered it (about 10 days ago) i just can't stop listening to it. it is to me one of those songs that fits into the category of "perfect songs about myself".

(in case you don't know, holden caulfield is a character of j.d. salinger's 'the catcher in the rye'... to be honest, i've never read the book but probably will after the song)

'i could spend a lifetime in this place (lifetime away)/ i could watch my life wasting away (wasting away)' that's how the chorus goes and, boy, you have no idea how i relate to it in so many levels...
but it ain't just the lyrics... melodically, the song carries the melancholy that i love and jangly guitars to die for that give you the possibility to dance a bit. the variations of drum beats during the chorus also make my heart skip a beat.
and to make the song even more perfect, the last seconds of the 2minutes and 40 seconds that
the song lasts there's this beautiful layering of vocals with 'a lifetime, a lifetime away'...
i mean, it's a bit frustrating to try to explain how the song moves me because it's not something
that you can consciously understand. but that's the beauty of music, isn't?

so here i'm posting the song (that you can also download via last.fm) and below there's a link
to a blog dedicated or made by the band, not sure which one.

jane from occupied europe is a project that existed from 1989 until 1993. but before that, some band members were part of bubblegum splash (another great and more famous act that played some twee, power pop) that lasted for a year and released an ep with 4 songs and a few tracks in compilations.

download just like holden caulfield

blog (with the band discography. you should check them out... it's pretty, pretty good!)

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