bubblegum splash ~ splashdown! 7'' (subway organization, 1987)

i have this enormous admiration for bands that don't last much, releasing an ep or so and then disappearing or moving on. it has this ephemeral feeling that i appreciate and makes me think of how it must be to the people that were part of it when they look back and remember the period when they were in a band...

so following our previous post about jane from occupied europe, here's bubblegum splash: a previous work from the mentioned band that produced 7 songs to the world throughout the year
1987: 3 were in fanzine flexidiscs and compilations and 4 were part of the 7'' splashdown!, released under subway organization. i should probably write a post specially to subway because the label released some of the greatest band from the 80's twee/garage/indie scene (shop assistants, razorcuts, the soup dragons and many many more).
splashdown! is among the releases and presents (roughly) 7 minutes of twee in its purest state.

a1. plastic smile
a2. just walked away
b1. fast of friends
b2.one of those things


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