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The other day I received an email from Andrew telling me about his music project. It happens that the Safari Rangers are the adventurous - and imaginary - band mates of his.
Andrew is a high school senior from Rhode Island and makes super fun keyboard/ukelele based indiepop on the family computer in the dining room.
The whole aesthetic is lo-fi and evokes those restaurants with live music where a guy plays throughout the night various classic songs armed only with a keyboard. I don't mean that in a bad way... actually, in Andrew's case, it fits perfectly to the super fun and playful lyrics. The result is extremely endearing and captivating. Take 'Together In Lisbon' for example... I doubt the doo-doo-doos  won't get stuck in your head.

The album has 9 songs and barely hits the 18 minutes and it's a pleasant indiepop experience. You can get it for free on Bandcamp.

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