south ambulance

south ambulance ~ south ambulance (labrador, 2005)

south ambulance is a stockholm band formed in late 2003 that combines the best of swedish pop to brilliant effect. They take the woozy guitar overload the radio dept. and mix it the happy c86-inspired pop of so many swedish bands, making this debut a must-hear.
"if television personalities had been melancholic swedes who released records on creation in the early 90's they might have sounded something like south ambulance. it's energetic, happy-sad and most infectious". (perfect description taken from their myspace)
we can hear echoes of my bloody valentine and its dense guitars in songs like 'take them out' and 'done undone'; their pop sensibility in 'worry satellite' and its shalala harmonies...
the best track of the album is 'die 5times times5'. a song with addictive melodies and bittersweet lyrics 'your girlfriend looks like shit and I know you’re aware of it' with a killing end with claps and guitar hooks.
after 4 years, it seems that 2009 will see the release of their fifth ep. so far i heard four songs and it's more melodic (if that would be possible) and the awesome guitar layers are back! here's a song from the upcoming ep #5 called davy crockett.
and here's one of the most addictive songs ever: hanging in a tie.

here's the video for die 5times times5

01. take them out
02. die 5times times5
03. brunswick bed
04. saturdays for sad excuses
05. done undone
06. echo #5
07. the ballad of duncan boyle
08. crack & burst
09. worry satellite
10. crack up
11. imaginary bottled reply to disbeliever


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