the sudden death of a pet

yoyoyo acapulco ~ the sudden death of a pet 7'' ep (kitchen music, 2008)

yoyoyo acapulco is this awesome band from vestre gausdal, a small comunity in the center of norway.
using a casio mt 65, yamaha dd10, a microkorg, some yellow drums, a bassguitar, a couple of shakers, some kazoos, glockenspiel and one white ukulele they make fun (and funny) pop songs.
this is their first release but their music has been around for some time on the internet.
the 4 tracks are only 8 minutes long and filled with the finest irony.
the highlight is the 1.10 minute 'mexican wolfgasket', almost a pop hymn:

'don't punch on my artery
no matter what you say my heart is a part of me
hold on to your soul
it's only rock'n'roll
it's not your fault...
don't question my authority
my feminine kind or masculinity
by saying nasty little things to me'

their videos are as good as their music!


mexican wolfgasket

01. f-word
02. the sudden death of a 7'' pet
03. mexican wolfgasket
04. kamasutra tsunami


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L said...

Thank you SO much for this post. There's so little of yoyoyo on the blogs - I don't understand why. I know I should buy their record. Love the melodies and the instruments.