earth hour mixtape

earth hour mixtape (mixtape #02)

remember, today at 8.30pm (your local time) switch off your lights for one hour and let the earth rest for some time...
take pictures, make videos and post it at earth hour official site. and an idea: make a mixtape with songs to be listened in the dark.
here's a very beautiful picture taken from their flickr... it's pretty cool too because there's pictures from sightings all over the world and people showing how they spent their one hour...

and now the mixtape: 14 songs to put on your player - since all yout electronics will be off tonight - and enjoy a night in the dark.
go outside and look to the stars that you don't usually see, since there's always too much lights on earth shining brighter than the sky.

01. fireflies - the sky turns to black
02. family - la noche inventada
03. the sedgwicks - here tonight
04. the castaway stones - night time is the city's only star
05. vitesse - brighter than the sky
06. japan air - stationen by night
07. bedtime - i'm glowing in the dark
08. all of my brother's girlfriends - turn the lights off
09. jeremy jay - hold me in your arms tonight
10. anoraak - nightdrive with you
11. the yellow melodies - let it be tonight
12. vancouver nights - dark is my heart
13. miniskirt - these fish glow in the dark
14. friday bridge - good night, waterhouse

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L said...

Great mix of music, and many bands I don't know. Thanks.