the mary onettes ~ dare (preview) (labrador, 2009)
release date: april, 29

after the south ambulance album, here's another release of labrador. dare is set to be released on april, 29 after their acclaimed full lenght debut in 2007. the ep will have three songs and now you can listen two of them just to warm up until you get your hands on your copy...
on their blog, philip wrote about the period between releasing the previous album and creating new songs:
"... a long time has gone by since the latest release. a lot of work has been done, but a lot of work was actually just a waste of time.
last summer i basically lost every song i've ever recorded with the mary onettes. my hard-drive with all my music was stolen in my car one fine afternoon in stockholm, the very same fine afternoon we came home from our us tour, the very same day i was feeling thrilled to come home and start the process of finishing our new album. of course i had made a backup copy on my computer at home. but for some reason a power failure in the building made that hard drive
collapse to. unbelievable. i was speechless for days.
the only thing i felt was right at that moment was to take a break.
i went to my hometown a lot. as a matter of fact i keep coming back to that stupid city all the time. most of all because our families live there but also because i always find the right inspiration there.
'dare' was written and partly recorded in a little studio in my hometown (jönköping) that belongs to a good friend of mine. we used
real strings for the song which we recorded in a small church nearby our hometown.
the other two tracks 'kicks' and 'god knows i had plans' are pretty much leftovers we've never recorded before. i think it's nice we could use them on this ep."

after all the pain and suffering it's time to enjoy and rejoice (even if the songs are a bit sad)...

01. dare
02. kicks
03. god knows i had plans.

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