the hiss we missed

memory cassette ~ the hiss we missed (independent, 2008)

summerish dream pop experience... memory cassette (a lovely name that evokes the nostalgia of all the mixtapes we used to create for walks using a brand new technology called walkman).
little is known about them... actually this is a one man project from new jersey. the enchanting, whispery female voice belongs to someone that remains unknown.
warm beats and fuzzy shoegazing with influences coming from the early 80's new wave and dance scene to the late 80's indierock, noise pop and post punk scenes. delicious like a sunset in the end (or beginning) of summer by the beach is delicious.

(the guy behind memory cassette also makes music under the name weird tapes, a more electro project).

01. asleep at a party
02. tortoise pace
03. 50 mph
04. ghost in the boombox


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