hope corner lane

the kensingtons ~ hope corner lane 7'' (meller welle records, 1994)

"just how obscure are the kensingtons? so obscure that no one is scrobbling them on last.fm, a google search comes up pretty empty"...(except a few blogs talking about them) ..."and there's not even an entry for them on tweenet (maybe they're not twee after all?)".
(intro from i'm not always so stupid)
this four track release could be easily among sarah records discography... the songs have guitar solos and tend to be melancholic; 'please don't lie to me' turns to be a more upbeat melody a la the sea urchins and hit parade.
the highlight is the last song 'intercity baby '94': a train trip from taunton to leicester to see a girlfriend.
stewart tudor-jackman is the man behind the kensingtons... this 7'' is the only record as a band together with andy howlett and andy discombe. the other things were all recorded by stewart himself.

read an interview roque (from cloudberry) made with stewart.

01. surbiton girl
02. nothing at all
03. please don't lie to me
04. intercity baby '94

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