kickstand ~ kickstand (queenie records, 1994)

back in 1994, twin sisters tori and tammi colichio and guitarist jeff feuerzeig (also an independent filmmaker) released their debut album full of minimalist pop songs. understand by minimalist a guitar, bass, drums and hushed voices (sometimes the sister sharing vocals, sometimes jeff joining them). it is a clean but still lo-fi recording released on the cool girl-indie label queenie records.
the album has 23 songs, including covers for 'colossal youth' by young marble giants; 'teenage kicks' by the undertones (the cutest version i've ever heard) and the amazing 'tally ho' by the clean.

while the do-it-yourself-inspired melodic pop romps of bands like the pastels also figure here, kickstand absorbs its influences and heads into a clear direction of its own.they use keyboards in a few songs and it's awesome! 'slingshot' is a must hear with guitar and drums forming a basic melody and the keyboards taking the lead. 'not enough memory' follows the same path and makes me think of soda fountain rag.
damn good cutie-pop with sing-songy tunes and (sometimes) bold girl-empowering lyrics like in the opening track 'how to make a girl cry': 'put away your ammunition/she's got feminine intuiton'.

01. how to make a girl cry
02. my reputation
03. magic
04. lullaby
05. colossal youth (young marble giants cover)
06. i rode in saucers
07. slingshot
08. wish upon a star
09. not enough memory
10. whisper
11. teenage kicks (the undertones cover)
12. full moon
13. spiral
14. take the highway
15. spinning top
16. roller rink
17. once around town
18. why can't i
19. the card shuffle
20. daydream
21. get-well kiss
22. tally ho (the clean cover)
23. crumble

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L said...

Wow, what a great band. Love the vocals... pop simplicity. You have a great "nose" for finding obscure bands that play such sweet pop music.