over the bluffs

THE HOLIDAY CROWD OVER THE BLUFFS (New Romantic / Shelflife 2012)

The Holiday Crowd is formed by 4 boys from Toronto. Their debut album, Over the Bluffs, is out via New Romantic and Shelflife.

Their music is a combination of 80's new wave with C86 and Morrissey-esque vocals. The Smiths is actually the first thing that came into my mind but it also reminds me of danish band The Northern Portrait: catchy melodies, melancholic imagery. While the danish band uses a lot of distorted guitars, The Holiday Crowd keeps things more crystalline, jangly and clean.
For languid summer afternoons, strolls in parks of green, english streets trapped in the 80's and plaid/striped shirts.

'Never Speak Of It Again' is the song Morrissey forgot to write in 1988.

The video for 'Pennies Found' was directed by Matthew Sitler and filmed on his iPhone.

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Emilio Quintana said...

Los Smiths del siglo XXI, sin el carisma de los primigenios.

Raggedy Man said...

Brilliant record...