late spring morning sunlight


Ghost Lake is the solo project from Swedish musician and visual artist Henric Wallmark, also member of Heart-Sick Groans, a favorite here in CuC's lands.
In a couple of days, his debut EP 'Late Spring Morning Sunlight' will be out via THEM Records.

It is, by now, a known fact among the lucky ones that know Henric's work that he's a superb melody maker.
When I first saw the name of the project, I thought I was going to see a more serious, somber side of him with that typical Swedish imagery I'd built in my mind of snow, white and wilderness... Couldn't be more wrong with the imagery, but this is definitely a more mature and polished side of Mr. Wallmark.
Following the easy listening and light aesthetics of Heart-Sick Groans, Henric adds seriousness both, in melody and lyrics, in a very sophisticated, mature but still playful way; there's a beautiful work with acoustic guitars, layers of vocals (almost 'conversations' ) and explorations with calmer rhythms that certainly deserves attention. 

Accessible pop with the thoughtfulness for details and subtle automations/electronics. 
Beautiful all the way with some very heartwarming moments.

You can check (and download) the title track 'Late Spring Morning Sunlight' on Soundcloud.

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