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TEMPLETON EL MURMULLO (Independent, 2012)

photo by Marcos Sanchez
A few days ago I ran into Templeton's bandcamp and had the pleasure to listen to their new album entitled El Murmullo (or The Whisper). Templeton is a six piece band from Torrelavega, North of Spain.
This is their second album. In 2009, Exposición Universal was released via Subterfuge Records.
El Murmullo is a 10-track album and couldn't have a better title since - song after song - slow paced gems are delivered with a beautiful and very particular imagery of broken hearts and deceit that is continuously built throughout thoughtful lyrics.
To make this album, the band asked for fans to send them things that they associated with whispers, so they could use them as inspiration. As for the band, whispers are connected with fear.
The highlights of the album are 'Mar Cantábrico' - comparing two individuals where one is the cantabric Sea (cold and acid) and the other being Cote d'Azur ( a natural disaster that still makes the other tremble) is absolutely fantastic.

'Los Días' tells the story of a love taken for granted and has a video featuring two girls (or their memories) involved into a dreamy and full of light atmosphere.
This album is full of pop references - pop from the 60's, spanish indiepop from the 90's, flirtations with electronics used to punctuate the most upbeat song of the album 'Sabe Mejor', somber moments where the fear is almost palpable...

Everything is filled with a delicate and sensitive aesthetic that makes it all kind of irresistible.

Here's a live performance of 'El Caminante' - another favorite of mine - for Esquire Spain.

El Murmullo was released only in vinyl. You can also get the album at their bandcamp page.

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