calvin johnson

the panduhs ~ calvin johnson ep (pop song romance., 2009)

for the past weeks there's one song that i can't stop singing and i say it'd be annoying if it wasn't such a good song. 'county fair' is part of an ep with other two songs - also very catchy - of this trio from patterson, california.
their signed to pop song romance., a zine/label that " more like an ever changing visual document of music and comedy. pop song romance. was born in 2004, it started out as a side project to more important things, and remains that today. it really just came from my love of little indie pop bands that would maybe make one amazing record and break up".
three songs with lovely keyboard melodies, impossible-not-to-dance drum beats and lyrics as catchy as the melodies (neil vento's voice makes you want to sing along too).
fun indiepop with the energy of twee.
ps: calvin johnson is a key person when we talk about the independent music scene. he was founder of bands like beat happening, the go team and the halo benders; also, owns k records.

01. the yeah!
02. calvin jonhson
03. county fair

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