make bombs not popsongs

salty pirates ~ make bombs not pospsongs ( independent, 2003)

a group of friends since high school from halmstad, sweden get together to make catchy-funny pop songs about some subjects that we don't see everyday in a song (seatbelts, per gessle, academy, nietzsche...)
salty pirates stands out for creating tunes like 'you got your seatbelts and cars are so save', a great combination of clever lyrics and a twee-ish feeling.
they've released 4 ep's and a couple of random songs and all were available on their site to download (unfortunately, the site no longer exists).
i could've made a compilation with their songs but i decided to create posts respecting the way the songs were made available on their website. soon, songs like 'let's spread out rumours of our own death' and 'my academic beard' - their best songs and true classics from the "underground pop" - will be available here.

in 2008, salty pirates became the weather in sweden.

01. you got seatbelts and cars are so save
02. something beautiful are ugly
03. fire deathstar, fire
04. all that glitters can be gold (pre-silence)


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