looking glass

 looking glass ~ the first real target (infinite wisdom, 2010)

'the first real target' is looking glass’ second release and was released yesterday. looking glass is the side project of jim, from my sad captains with andy bell, annie ruddlesden, ed wallis.
their music wanders through the thin line between everyday life and those in transit dreams. walks in autumn-ish forests of brown leaves and foggy parks located in city centers.
it's music  full of timeless images -exactly like dreams- where the time notion isn’t accurate. and it is also real life painted in shades of grey.
looking glass will be the new addition to the playlists of all the musical daydreamers across the globe.

ps: great for walks and bus rides!

watch the video, because it's beautiful!

click on the beautiful artwork above and download 'best foot forward' on their bandcamp.

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