INTERVIEW 71 Oscar Fernandez (Discos de Kirlian)

Named after the iconic Aventuras de Kirlian, a band that is among the pantheon of influential artists from the spanish indie scene, Discos de Kirlian is an independent label based in Barcelona.
Oscar started the label in 2011 with the objective of releasing 7'' for less than 5 euros.
Two years and a few releases later,  what we have is an interesting collection building up with artists from the diverse and effervescent spanish scene (plus a lovely re-issue of Armistice's debut EP).

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The origins, aesthetics, logistics and what the future holds for Discos de Kirlian follows below.

01. What time is it? Where are you now and how's your day so far?
4:50 p.m. Poble Sec, Barcelona working neighborhood. Here's sunny almost everyday!

02. Where the idea of starting a record label came from? And why the name Discos de Kirlian?
Before creating Discos de Kirlian, I was already involved in "indiepop activism" doing fanzines, organizing concerts, promoting new bands. I believe that one of the only things left to do was to create an independent label and I did it in August, 2011.
Discos de Kirlian it's my sincere honoring to one of the first Spanish independent bands: Aventuras de Kirlian. Later renamed Le Mans.

03. Tell us about the infrastructure and logistics of the label? Do you do things by yourself?
The infrastructure and logistics of the label are minimal. I cut and hook the printed covers myself. Very handcrafty. As for art design, I ask for my friends that help me without problem. And the promotion, I believe that is all, it's based on Internet and all these fantastic social nets.

04. If you had to talk about an aesthetic or concept particular to your label, what would you say about it? What kind of music fits into it?
My dream is that every release have great quality and that it lasts in time. I would like that my records were listened for years. And the bands remembered as something nice and good for music.
Everything that has "Pop Air" with many variants: intimist folk, jangle, twee or shoegaze.

05. What's your involvement on the making of the label's releases?
All bands, few ones at the moment, have total freedom. I basically edit the 7'', which is complicated when it comes to choosing the songs. When the band agrees, it goes to the press factory.

06. What are your views on music distribution and consumption nowadays?
As people commonly say: people don't buy records anymore. But I say, think and believe that there are people buying a lot of music and getting excited. It is what matters for me and I hope that it keeps that way. Also it's good and important for me to use all the platforms of digital distribution as itunes or spotify... the music ... it is not expensive!

07. What are your plans for the rest of 2013?

The main and great plan for this year is the 7" where several Spanish bands cover only Aventuras de Kirlian. I hope that it goes out this year. Also we'll release Coach Station Reunion first album. And more that still awaiting confirmation. Next year: 7" Las Desnortadas and Lavandera 7" vinyl debut, they are the newcomers in the house.

08. A word of advice for people wanting to create their own label?
That they don't think too much. Today is easy to create small labels and if you cannot do it alone, you can join a collaboration. We need more labels in the world.

09. Anything else you feel like saying?
To thank all people who have been interested in Discos de Kirlian in these already almost two years. I'm happy with it!

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