panduh party!


Plain and simple (and once again): I don't get the fact that The Panduhs aren't indie darlings throughout the world (and other planets)...
Coming from Modesto (California), their sound has a straight forward, vibrant feeling. A combination of punk and twee playfulness covered in sugar. The kind of music that makes impossible to just listen: you have to clap along, hum along, jump along and twist around.
Seriously, check this guys out! It's the kind of simple, effortless and fun loving music that can change your mood and day. Oh, and catchy as hell!

Last Wednesday, 'Love Her More' - the opening track from their latest EP- got a video. With a charming, low budget and amateur aesthetic, the video follows the fun path that their music transpire.
A Chroma-key, watercolor sets, glitter, girls and drag queens extravaganza.

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