tillsammans sessions

For the past 2 summers, Jonas Börjesson showed us the Swedish summer along with beautiful live
performances by Swedish indie artists. The Pool Sessions was a collection of videos featuring artists playing by a swimming pool (sometimes inside it) in Halmstad. A simple and beautiful idea. On its second season,  the sessions went from the backyard to beaches and fields of the Halland province.
Now Jonas is back with a new concept for the sessions. It's called Tilllsammans Sessions and as he explains:
"...it's a combined concert/session-project, which means that the artist will do a live recorded session and a gig at the same place at the same day.
The whole thing is taking place in a restaurant in Halmstad, Sweden named "Tillsammans" (means 'Together' in english)."

The sessions will run for 10 weeks (every Wednesday) and starts on 5th, June (next week). Bands playing include: Alpaca Sports, Death in the Afternoon, The Naima Train and Mire Kay.


I decided along with Billy Nilsson (also from Pool Sessions) early this year, that we would try to do a project that does not involve so many people. We wanted to make it as simple as possible, and therefore we will record our sessions with only one camera and use microphones that record the sound directly into your iPhone.
It's hard work to arrange 10 concerts and also record sessions with every band, but Billy and I are really close friends and think alike and we're loving every second of this project. We think it's a good way to expand the whole session-thing, that we also can offer concerts for our audience.
"Tillsammans Sessions" really is my dream project at the moment. I can book the artist I like, I get the chance to know the band and also do a 'summery' video for them. And the place is nice, located by the water in the middle of Halmstad where all the cool kids hang out, and the girls who run the restaurant are the best people in town! And the best of all - everything is happening outside in the summer sun in Sweden!
Billy and I are doing everything together, and when we record the sessions I'm holding the camera and Billy is recording all the audio. The layup of the project is that the artist comes to "Tillsammans" in the middle of the day, we record a session on a pier or somewhere near the water. After that we just hang out together, taking a beer in the sun and doing a soundcheck. And 9 o'clock in the evening the band is playing a concert in front of an audience. The concert is completely free and there's no age-limit. Could it be better? I'm really excited, and I hope many of you will be able to get there any Wednesday this summer!
"Pool Sessions" will never die for me, and I think the rest of the team feels the same. I really, really love that project, but it's hard to get it all together, we are after all six people involved who have other jobs and commitments in our lives. 
Like I said before, Pool Sessions will never die. We just have to develop that project into something new and exciting. I've been thinking about "Pool Sessions LIVE" with artist playing live for audience near a swimming pool, like a small music festival. Or why not take a trip to Spain and record some session there?

(Jonas and Billy send love)

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